CTD when flying at Vancouver FSDreamTeam

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased the FSDreamTeams CYVR Vancouver scenery off the MSFS Marketplace and for some reason whenever I am at CYVR the sim always crashes to desktop.

I have removed all mods but that didn’t help. I have also removed all overclocks which didn’t seem to do anything either.

I know it must be caused by the FSDreamTeam scenery because I’ve done multiple tests in Miami with LatinVFR scenery and I have had no crashes there, only in Vancouver.

Does anyone else have this issue and any tips on how to fix it?

I have already tried reinstalling the scenery.

Thank you for your assistance.

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I have that scenery and I too get CTD at Vancouver. I was coming in with the Grand Caravan from Boeing, beautiful approach to 26L and on short final, CTD. Was glad I wasn’t on Vatsim at the time. It’s happened occasionally, not every time. I will send FSDream Team a bug report.

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I removed the scenery and did a test with default CYVR and no crash so from that must be caused by the Fsdreamteam scenery.

Have you use their tool to check for updates? There was one around two days ago. Charles

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I purchased the scenery recently from the MSFS Marketplace so I don’t think that comes with an update tool but I’m pretty sure updates are available there too they are just a little delayed as they have to be approved by Microsoft.

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It is good knowing that they released an update which should fix the issue.

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Captain, go to the FSDream Team web site and download their update tool for their products, it is called coault .exe

There’s a link to download the latest version of the Stand-Alone Addon Manager on every “Info” page for every product. Whenever you have an issue regarding the Addon Manager, is strongly suggested to install the latest version. There’s also a separate Addon Manager page

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Thank you @TheAviator3506.

if you know, does the updater work with scenery purchased from the MSFS marketplace?

When I launch it, the addon manager asks me to find my flight simulator folder and I am not sure which one to select.

many thanks for your help really appreciate it.

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Hi Captain, select your ‘Community Folder’. You could install it anywhere really and link to it with FS Linker. Here is the link to the application which I highly recommend!

The updater should presumably work with all of the developers scenery. I bought direct from their home website. I would guess you just direct the application straight to the scenery file.

There is a scenery enhancement for the city of Vancouver which is very cheap to buy. I think it’s called Vancouver Harbours from Raymond Taburet.
There is also a new enhancement which is free which replaces the Lions Gate Bridge and city bridges, here is the link …

Well, there you go. That lot will keep you out of mischief! :laughing:

If you need anymore help, just give me a shout. I know Vancouver very well indeed!



Hello & Happy 2021 to everyone!

I purchased YVR directly from FSDT several weeks ago. It was working fine as I used it several times both arriving and departing from a gate. After the latest MSFS update (Dec22), I have had several CTD’s after starting taxi to the departure runway - I get halfway to the runway and the program stutters 2 or 3 times and then CTD. I thought it was the “bridges” scenery in conflict OR the new A321 Megapack aircraft. I removed both (these were the last 2 things I added to Community folder prior to the CTD).
I restarted with the A320 and had the SAME result - CTD taxiing halfway to the runway.
This happened 4 times in a row so I tried the 787 instead. I departed 26R and flew a left hand pattern and landed on 26L in terrible live weather. I’m not sure why that worked and the others didn’t BUT, I have read that certain A320 liveries can cause issues. I was using the A320 white Air Canada livery and had used that several times before with No issue.
I was able to download the latest YVR update directly from FSDT - all of my testing after the first CTD was with the update installed.
I have purchased Zurich and O’hare from FSDT and have NOT had any issues with my A320 there.

2 days later, I did go back and try my ACA A320 from YVR to YYC and I was able to depart successfully. These intermittent problems are so hard to diagnose. If anyone has any ideas - I’m willing to try anything.

Take Care

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I have been experiencing CTD’s since the purchase of FSDT Vancouver (November). Every time I start at or fly near CYVR I get a CTD. I have removed FSDT’s Vancouver, and I have no CTD’s to report. The error lies within the scenery. What is the solution?? I have not found any update and FSTD does not appear to have an update either. In FSDT’s forum, they defend their product as being “stable”, when countless people are complaining of CTD’s, (what a shame). Can we ask Microsoft for a refund for purchasing it through their marketplace? Alternatively, is there a solution? I have ZERO in my community during my testing.

Exact same issue here!

I emailed FSdreamteam and again they were adamant that their scenery doesn’t cause a single CTD.

I’m the same as you, without their scenery no CTD.

I have the very detailed LVFR Miami and Barcelona - not a single CTD

So I really don’t think that their scenery is 100% stable

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FSDT is a horrible company to deal with. The owner is very rude. Don’t give them another dime. The scenery implementations for MSFS are also ■■■■.

Saw the update available for this scenery in the marketplace. Updated it and still crashing. Very disappointing when I have never had the issue with any other scenery including LVFR Miami and Barcelona and still this issue apparently isn’t on FSDT’s end.

Hopefully this will get fixed soon!

I saw the update last night. I couldn’t find any details on what was updated. Tried it out with the A320 FBW, didn’t get it to crash, but I still haven’t pinpointed, or even generally, figured out why this airport causes crashes. I’ll do more hops to/from CYVR and see if I can get a CTD.