CTD when in World Map attempting to create a flight plan

This is a new one for me.

I’m simply crashing when in the world map scrolling around trying to set up a flight plan. My mouse doesn’t work sometimes either. That was never an issue for me before. I’ve had it crash 3 times in a row just in the world map. I restarted the xbox series x and that didn’t fix it.

Am I the only one? Any ideas? Until theres a fix, I gave up on the game. This in addition to auto pilot putting me into unrecoverable spins, crashing my planes, I’ve given up for a while.

You aren’t alone! Many an XBox user having the same issues, both CTD in the world map and issues with NAV waypoints missing. Quite a few posts around about the topic.

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me too, I have the same issue when I scroll to world map

Welcome to the party! Albeit a little later than the rest of us!

I had that. Avoided doing a flight plan ,just pick your departure point and then when up in air use ATC to pick your arrival airfield. But after removing scenery packs , clearing phantom downloads and no live weather. This so far has let me do flight plans on the world map

Thanks for the welcome to the party. lol. Yeah fortunately, I haven’t had any issues in the world map (Like where you are actually looking at the map) until a week ago. I cant even select a departure point. It just crashes as soon as the map pops up. Ill try the few mentioned tips and search when I have hours of free time (Hardly ever)… or better yet just go play another game that works until they get their ■■■■ together.

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To avoid crashing in the world map you have to wait for the phantom downl9ad complete notification on the top right corner. Its so wierd and broken atm but seems to temp fix it


You’ve obviously taken a page out of my textbook! :blush:

lol, yes been playing a different game lately. I haven’t ended up at the desktop randomly once yet during gameplay. I feel spoiled!