CTD when resuming part way thru' Patagonia 'bush trip'

I have successfully flown one bush trip and part completed another. But now whenever I resume the second the sim crashed back to the desktop!
Have I got to restart the whole thing? Or can I somehow recover the trip so far?
The last time I flew it there wasn’t any problem.
btw I have rebooted a few times with no change and I can set-up the same plane to fly at my local field OK.
Any ideas? Thanks

Same for me, I don’t understand, and all the others just Alaska works … :roll_eyes:

This latest update has caused a lot of CTDs for me. I can rarely finish a flight without crashing. Do you have AMD GPU? I think it’s related to the driver. I always get driver timeout error. Bush trips are the worst. Currently, trying to finish the Alaska bush trip, but I can rarely finish a trip. Please file a bug report. I hope either Asobo or AMD will fix the issue soon.

Actually this is the first CTD situation that I have had. Though this one is reliably repeatable. I will see how I can record it as a bug.

Perhaps delete the save folder and use dev mode to get back to where you were (simply type in the airport code to be beamed to your destination and complete the leg instantly).

OK, but won’t that lose my progress so far in this Bush trip?

Yes this will remove the flight progress … I already tried, I also removed the BUSHTRIPS from the games and I reinstalled them; I was able to start all the bushtrips once and always CTD if we have to continue the flight … strange :thinking:

For me INTEL GPU and I have the problem

Hi guys can be a solution … start the game without “MSFS with FSUIPC7” tried to run the “BUSHTRIPS” to see if it works …

This seems very relevant to me, as between my last bush flight and when it has failed to resume, I have installed FSUIPC!
Do I gather from your message that you have been able to get passed the CTD by not loading FSUIPC7?

Hi yes, I think FSUIPC7 is the cause of the problem loading the bushtrip, because for me the bushtrip work if I don’t run FSUIPC7 when starting MSFS … Once the flight has started, start FSUIPC7 and normally it works …

OK will you report it to FSUIPC Support Pete Dowson Modules - The simFlight Network Forums?
I was installing FSUIPC to enable Pilot2ATC, I don’t suppose that was your reason too?

Yes I will report it but, it would take more people to do the test, to be sure that the problem really is; For my I installed FSUIPC to configure buttons that are not available in the options of MSFS…

OK I’ll try tomorrow morning. I assume I can stop it loading along with MSFS, by a setting in FSUIPC itself?


Ok … no just start MSFS go to BUSHTRIP start the flight to be on the runway and start FSUIPC

I would 'cept FSUIPC starts automatically when I start MSFS.

Look in your “Start” menu “all Application” you should have an icon … (Don’t forget to start in “Administrator” mode)

I tried with mine and indeed running MSFS alone (without FSUIPC) the bush trip resumed. But when I tried a normal start (with FSUIPC) it failed as before.
I will report on the link.

Aa you too you get the same conclusion as me … ok I too will report it on link; For the moment we can make it work as that… :smirk:

I have reported and already received a reply, albeit rather dismissive (see my response)