CTD when starting VR (WMR Reverb G2) DirectX 12 - SOLVED

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

CTD when switching to VR (control + tab). No add-ons being used, DirectX 12, loaded up at NZQN in Cessna 172 (steam gauges + GNS530). Then tried switching to VR but get CTD. Repeated this several times.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

3080 i7 10700 32GB ram. Thrustmaster airbus stick, Thrustmaster TPR pedals.

Are you using DX12?


Are you using DLSS?


Are you sure you have no mods?

Make sure to enable Preview runtime in the OpenXR Tools for WMR.

Also, there are a couple of CTDs we (WMR team) are tracking with DX12, which might be the ones you’re seeing. But they happen randomly and not consistently.

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Thanks, I will check that OpenXR setting. My problem went away when I switched back to DX11, so I suspect it’s a DX12 problem.

Edit - definitely no mods. I changed the name of my community folder before I re-started, and it’s empty.

I meant OpenXR Toolkit is a mod and currently broken with DX12 on SU10

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Ah thanks, I understand now.

I just had the first one of these CTDs. I clicked the VR button in the Main Menu and crashed. I had just upgraded to the latest Nvidia drivers 516.59.

Note: the previous flight ended with a CTD when I clicked return to Main Menu. This CTD may be a byproduct of that crash. I simply restarted the SIM and entered VR successfully.

If your issue was OpenXR Toolkit, you should mark this thread a solved. I don’t want people to report issues to Asobo that are due to my software. Thanks!

Problem solved - I made sure OpenXR Toolkit was off and preview runtime in the OpenXR Tools for WMR was on as instructed. Thank you.

I edited the title to ‘solved’, couldn’t find any tags or other method, apologies if I’ve not done this correctly.

Edit - also for what it’s worth, I think the improvements are absolutely amazing, huge credit to the Asobo team. And @mcbucchia thank you for the amazing OpenXRToolkit, it is really wonderful, absolutely essential to get a realistic scale for some airplanes, and so many other awesome features too. Thank you.