CTD when trying to fly from updated airport

Since updating World Update X - USA, when trying to fly from any airport that was updated in the update, I CTD when it try’s to load in. It CTD’s when I create a flight plan or just select it without making one to just fly VFR from it. I click fly and the loading screen starts, then about halfway to three quarters of the way in it CTD. If I select any other airport that wasn’t in the update, it loads normally. I can fly to and land normally at any of the updated airports, just can’t depart from them.

Anyone else having this same issue? Not running in dev mode and removed all addons with the same CTD result.

We’re not supposed to delete the template when posting in the bug reports section. We’re are supposed to provide clear and precise reproduction steps, and include the airport name / ICAO for example.

Are you speaking about the hand-crafted airports? If so I have already flown KAVX and KBID without issue.

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The bug reporting category is for confirmed bugs that can be replicated by the community using the provided template. :+1:

My apologies.

Yes, the handcrafted airports (KAVX – Catalina Airport; KTVL – Lake Taho Airport; KBID – Block Island Airport), and even a couple of non-crafted airports (KDFW and KDEN). I haven’t tried PAVD – Valdez Airport yet.

Flying to them is no problem, but flying from them is when I CTD during the loading screen. I have the steam version and have verified the integrity of the game files and wind up with the same CTD issue with those airports.