CtD when trying to Update 3 payware planes

Hi there.
Since two weeks of abstinence id like to put on MSFS.
Like every time i look to update my files from the Marketplace in Profiles and i see 3 planes to update.
Carebado cessna 337
Twin Otter and the Grumman Widgeon.
When i download the updates of euch plane after 100% crash to desktop.
I dont know what i can do.
The game is on an external 2 Tb SSD and the planes are purchased in marketplace.

Hope anyone xan help


So, let me get this straight.
In the sim, you go to the Content Manager and find three updates to install.
Did the installs finish, or did the sim crash before they finished updating.
Is the issue now that you can’t start the sim?

Its crashing after completing 100% download before installing.
I can reopen the game afterwards but i have not tested if i can go flying

Tried to delete the planes…althou crash to desktop…

I went into the official content folder, deleted the problematic aircraft (the Carenado ones, basically), and restarted the sim. Now redownload the aircraft. It would still crash once the download finishes, but the installation is actually complete and the plane is 100% usable.

This i will try today in the evening.
Thanks for this Information.

After the crash, since you can start the sim, just try and see if everything works.
It could be there are no issues.