CTD when using 100 TAA render scaling

I have OXR set to 100 and TAA set to 70.

Whenever I change TAA to 100, I get CTD after a few minutes.

I am GPU limited whether at 70 or 100 TAA according to the FPS counter available in Developer’s Tools. My frames are acceptable at 100 TAA so not sure why my PC quits on me.

Temperatures of GPU and CPU are within acceptable limits.

I have 3080 and an i7-10700k OC’ed to 5 GHZ. 32 gig ram. Windows 10. Reverb G2. Nvidia settings are in line with Captain’s guide. I am using the recommended .3 drivers.

Any thoughts and ideas?

I’d try dropping OpenXR to 80 and leave Sim TAA at 100 and try that. Might make it more stable.

As to why it is bombing out, could power supply be an issue at all for you? I ask as I was fine with a 750w power supply with a 2080Ti (EVGA FTW3) + i9-10850K + 64Gb RAM playing in 2D at 3440 x 1440 but had a few problems when I added the G2/when VR came along having various glitches and drop outs. I was updating my power supply anyway in preparation for a 3080/90 in the near (hopefully) future and just updating that to an 850w supply fixed my issues. Clutching at straws here though.

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You might be on to something. I have a 750w power supply. I’ll have to look into this.

I am just thinking out loud here: I have the MSI 3080 Trio, which is capped at 350w. My i7-10700k goes up to 230w according to online tests. I only have 2 M.2e drives and the G2 has its own power supply. 750w SHOULD be okay… but I guess I’ll find out.

Yep, that is the thing, you SHOULD be OK. Power draw by the G2 via the USB connection shouldn’t even register, so possibly a red herring that simply changing a power supply changes stability. Of course, my original 750w may have been on it’s way out but had seemed OK up to that point.

Erm, only other thing I can think of is ensuring you are supplying all graphics power connections via dedicated PCIe power cables, no daisy chaining. Even then at 350w you’d be unlucky to get any issues if daisy chained. So much so, I was reluctant to mention it.

Only software solution is to dial back settings to the point of stability and then look for minimal improvements in the view/frame rate etc. through minor tweaks/driver updates etc.

One day, with software/hardware improvements, we will get to the point that everything can be maxed out in VR and it’ll be a non-issue and look amazing. Hopefully :grin:

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