CTD with build & Nvidia Drivers

No problems for me with new beta and new NVIDIA driver. Windows 10, DX11.
Edit: Spoke too soon. CTD on next flight. See below.

I am now 100% convinced that GeForce Experience is crashing the sim. Not sure about the drivers, but GFE is definitely causing CTDs for me.

Same issue here. CTD in 19/20 cases during loading after location/aircraft selection. Happens with different planes and different airports. Currently I try to figure out which options might be a workaround…
I am using the current GeForce driver.

Same issue, new nvidia driver, no Geforce installed.


Happens on Intel Integrated graphics as well - so it’s not Nvidia only…

Crashing, still, on newest Nvidia drivers, GFE is installed, DX11 used, Cold & dark startup.

Am about to try DX12 now.

Have you used Developer Mode?
PC Specs:
RTX3070, AMD Ryzen 3600, 32GB DDR4@3200Mhz
`Aircraft: CJ4 Working Title mod
Area of the World / Flight Plan: Toronto to Niagara Falls IFR
Airport: Toronto City
Community folder, for my sins, was not deactivated and many add-ons included.
PXN HOTAS, flightstick & throttle - Driver 2119_2

solo flight
Multiplayer settings: Live Players
Weather settings: Live Weather
Server: North Europe
(PC) Are you using DX12?: no

EDIT: DX12 at least got me into the flight (same flight as above). As when I last tested DX12 (on the day of the last public update), performance appears very good in DX12 at first, but degrades quite a bit when cockpit is lit up from a cold & dark start. However, I believe performance is much better than it was previously in DX12, but I will need to test more planes to make a truly fair comparison.

Regardless, I’ll stick with DX12 based on this.

Driver 497.09 was crashing to desktop as soon as I hit Fly Now, or very shortly after. Installed driver 496.49 and got great results!

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Can confirm this, the same on my side. => Rollback to 496.76 strongly recommended.

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Latest before and after changing to DX12 the loading of the flight was stuck “forever” at 100% full progress bar. Now going back to 496.49.

CTD with newest Nvidia Driver, I can re-create 100% of the time by simply going to free look (middle Mouse button) and pan left to right in the cockpit, crashes every time.

Nvidia version 496.76 has no problems at all.

Chip GTX 1650

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Exactly! I got CTD with 497.09 when going to external view and panning around the plane. Short freeze followed by CTD. With 496.76 exactly the same scenario (same aircraft, same 3rd party airport KGPI, the same time, the same static weather, all settings the same) = no CTD. Definitely problem with the newest NVIDIA driver. Maybe they did some too strong optimization that lead to very unstable driver… :wink:


Just completed about 2 hours flying back and forth between EGLL and EGKK doing touch and go’s in the FBW Neo without a CTD. This is with and driver 497.09. The most I was able to do in this scenario before was about 10-15 mins (even using older drivers).
I have also noticed that my 3080Ti is running significantly cooler, all else being equal.
Note that I am using default settings in nVidia control panel and I cleared the shader cache after updating MSFS and driver. So far I am cautiously optimistic about these results.

Maybe also tight somehow to specific nvidia chip model / generation. Mine is 2070 SUPER.

Here’s my experience. I haven’t YET had any crashes nor have I seen purple textures:
Windows 11 22000.348
GTX 1660 (Turing)
NV 497.09

So I can confirm 100% that GeForce Experience crashes MSFS, which is a shame. But just did a flight with 496.76 and it was just fine. Now, because I am in the beta and this is the whole purpose, I’m going to upgrade to 497.09 and see how it goes (I got CTDs with this driver before the beta, but I can’t remember if I’d removed GFE yet or not).

Not what I am experiencing.

(No, this does not invalidate your experience.)


It’s not Experience causing CTD’s with 497.09. I installed just the drivers and was still getting instant CTD waiting to load into sim. Back on 496.76 and working ok so far.


I tell ya, if I’ve learned one thing it’s that different people can do the same thing and get different results with this thing! Which is really odd.

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No good for me 3090 CTD loading flight in dx11 dx12 poor but loads reverting driver as still an issue.

I can say that I haven’t recorded any CDTs in a long time. I am currently testing a beta version.

Win11 64bit
GTX1080Ti 497.09 + Experience (nothing freezes, I record videos)

Currently on Beta, there is no stuttering on this driver.
Everything works beautifully, well done Asobo.
Weather, clouds great improvement.