CTD with every update of Steam

I’ve been sent to desktop twice in as many days. I’ve been greeted both times by a window telling me that Steam wants to update.

I’ve also been experiencing awful hitching that began last week. Two second pause, one second stutter, two second pause. Upon return, the world around me has progressed about five seconds.

Edit: Just got booted to desktop. Guess what was waiting for me. No, really, guess.

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Have you not filled out a ZenDesk report?

Not yet. I’d like to work out a few things on the hitching.

So far it’s:
Not network connection.
Not vid drivers.
Not any LOD settings.
Not add-ons.
Not cloud, tree, bush, grass, building, terrain, AI.

Well id had 2 CTD since the VR update came out, on over 30 flights… On a approach it happens , Iv put that down to the VR side of things (being a new update) needs patching

It could be down to a lot of reasons, I dont have the Steam version tho

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have you tried turning off live traffic/ai traffic/multiplayer? It worked for me and several others. Also:
-rollback drivers
-read other CTD posts on the forums for help.
I appreciate how difficult it is to diagnose problems like this, but you unfortunately have to exhaust every option. Lets hope the team fixes all these CTD’s!

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I don’t get many CTDs and the updates are unpredictable. It was coincidence that I was in sim at the time it dropped. That’s a really hard thing to test and replicate. I’m also not willing to give up live/ai/multiplayer on the off chance that it might be causing a random crash due to random timing. However, I’ve rolled back my vid driver to last August, which has seemed to fix another unrelated issue.

The upside is that I’ve learned where a lot of settings are, and what they do.

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Okay, going to Zendesk. I’ve seemingly fixed another more nagging issue, but I think I’ll let them know about it.

We get 1 update per month as clearly listed on the road map on fixed dates. Midway through that cycle, we get the nav data update (what we got yesterday).

How is that unpredictable?

Wardo, I have multiplayer and live activated but keep the AI traffic off. I do not feel that by removing random fictitious traffic reduces the experience but CTDs definitely do.
By turning off AI traffic and reducing road/marine/airport veh you take a massive load off the CPU/Mem resulting in a proven improvement in stability.

PS: have you done the Steam update?

I always update steam right away. Haven’t tried to shutting off AI. Things seem better with the video driver roll-back, though.

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Like most of us here, I have my life planned around the clockwork nature of MSFS updates.

Steam updates are not, in any way, predictable. I’ve been on Steam for longer than I like to admit. They always come as surprise. If they had a “roadmap”, I’d have heard about it by now. For updates, they’ll open a window to let you know, then ask if your happy that they’ve shut off a program you were using. Okay not quite, but I find the coincidence of CTDs to the Steam update troubling.

Crunch, I think Wardo is talking about Steam, not MSFS. I have stopped using Steam but this is a feature of theirs that goes way back. Out of the blue updates.

Wardo, I wonder if disabling the Steam overlay would help. Isn’t there a setting in Steam to disable verbose updates? I remember something like that.

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Oh. My bad then. Yeah, Steam does have a very unpredictable update schedule, it seems.


I use no game overlays of any kind.

I only grudgingly use Steam. I pre-purchased the new XIII in August. I was exited about it. When it came out 3 months later and sucked, they refused a refund because it fell outside of their 14-day (?) refund window. Too bad they’re the only game in town for some things.

No big. While I’m unusually precise and sometimes exceedingly verbose (see?), I should have stated it more clearly.

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