CTD's after Installing Things from Content Manager

Unfortunately, since the last SU4 update I suddenly have a lot of CTD’s.

Usually not in flight, but in the menu.
Almost always when I install / uninstall something from the Content Manager.
Sometimes even when I leave a flight and go back to the menu …

Does someone else also have the problem?

That was not the case before the update, and I never had CTD’s.
Exactly 1 CTD in 800 hours of flight time.

@icaruza reported exactly the same thing. As I mentioned on their thread, I had this pre-CU4 because of the Islander addon. If I removed that, I could download packages again. The SU4 update fixed that for me.

But its conceivable that both of your issues are caused by an addon I don’t have. It would be worth renaming your Community folder, or unlink them all, to test.

I sifted through 28 addons to find the single one with the issue, leading to 6 crashes as I kept halving my active addons each test cycle.

@hobanagerik thanks, i will try that.

Well, apart from the JF Arrow, and the JF Arrow Turbo, I only have the BN2 in the community folder …

And I will certainly not remove it, it would be a shame for the money.

Removing it on a trial basis didn’t change anything anyway … CTD’s still there.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to reproduce because it occurs sporadically and not according to a pattern.

I use the Steamversion…

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