CTDs at FlyTampa’s Copenhagen Payware Airport

Since last update I’m having major CTDs from the FlyTampa’s Copenhagen airport payware. Can’t land or take off or even fly near the area it automatically crashes to desktop. Anybody else seeing this?

Someople are reporting CTDs related with airports that contains MaterialLibs folders. Check if EKCH have this kind of folder.

Thanks I don’t know what Material Libs folders are? I purchased this through the marketplace.

I was experiencing this last night trying to start flights at a couple payware airports, KEYW and KLAS. I realized I forgot to empty my rolling cache after the update, and after doing that my experience at least at KEYW was much more stable, didn’t have time to check KLAS. Hope this helps.

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Thank You for that input , I did try that and no luck at all . I usually always empty it before and after a flight . And with it being in the marketplace it’s a tough one. Also removed and reinstalled but nothing still CTD . Hopefully an update may come to our airports. I wish you well also on yours ! It makes it discouraging to buy these and not be able to at least leave some input to the devs about it .

Do you happen to have KLAS by FlyTampa installed also?
Both EKCH and KLAS have folders called

Because these sceneries have the same folder name this can trigger a CTD.
I believe that any duplicated folder names located in MaterialLibs folders that are active can cause crashes.

If you don’t have Las Vegas installed also then you have a different issue and your best bet would be to seek help directly from FlyTampa who are excellent developers and will certainly work with you to fix your problem.

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It appears MSFS has issue with EKCH and KLAS containing the same folder name. The following change to KLAS fixed my CTD at EKCH.

Rename the subfolder FlyTampaMatLib to something like KLASMatLib

Update layout.json file for KLAS by replacing ‘FlyTampaMatLib’ with the new folder name (e.g. KLASMatLib). There are 4 rows that need to be updated.

As i had both airports when i renamed KLAS folder and updated layout.json , EKCH worked with out any issues. I tried deleting content.xml which worked in the beginning, but later EKCH crashed again.
if this fix works, means that Flytampa needs to update KLAS folders

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Actually I do have klas by fly tampa and that works no problem. How would I go about resolving it?

Thanks sounds confusing but I can give it a try as I don’t want to mess anything up . One of those airports needs an update if that’s what’s going on . I’m sure fly Tampa is aware of it by now .

This fixed it! Thank You guys so much!

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This did it ! Thanks so much for helping out a fellow simmer ! Much appreciated for you taking your time out to help me ! Cheers !

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Doesn’t work for me. Flytampa is not installed in the official folder nor does it have a Materials lib in the Community Folder