CTDs at Sydney (YSSY) & Dresden (EDDC) airport addons

With the airport addons YSSY & EDDC, I have CTDs both in the parking lot and on the approach. Who can confirm it and maybe knows solutions?

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Assuming its not your end there’s not much you can do except wait for an update from the devs however you should still report marketplace addon issues to Zendesk as it may speed things up. Take note that it’s a market and for legal reasons Asobo/Microsoft can’t fix 3rd party software although I’m sure they advise.

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I can. There are several posts in here on the issue (at least with Fly Tampa YSSY).
Apparently a patch was issued for the PC version, but not available for xbox as yet.
See this thread:

Can confirm. I did multiple approaches and all did end with a CTD when using the EDDC (Dresden) Airport 3rd Party Scenery. After uninstalling I could Land w/o any problem.