CTD's becoming more frequent

What’s going on, prior to the last patch where occasionally i would get a CTD, now just about evey ■■■■ flight… A320 yet again.

tried out the mod available from flybywire !?

Yup, was just flying the latest version. Even rolled back to the default Asobo version yesterday. I dont know whats going wrong, but the whole sim seems to be getting worse with issues daily now.

if it’s a “daily” getting worse thing: maybe just get rid of the current state of your in-game cache ? i’m just guessing, though.

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Good idea, i’ll give it a try.

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I had constant CTDs and had to reinstall fully to get rid of them.

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I had 3x CTD with the A320 all about 15 mins into a flight.

I removed the mod version from the community folder and redownloaded and replaced it.

No issues since after 2+ hours in the a320. fingers crossed.

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Same here. Was flying without CTD, now even can’t start any flight…CTD