CTD's/frame drop still constant Xbox Series X

They do that I’m sure however they cannot test all mods against each other and they also cannot guarantee a mod won’t get broken by any future sim update. To complicate matters, because they are only a marketplace they probably can’t legally fix any broken 3rd party addons themselves so that will always be up to their own devs … and it can take extra time before the fixes become available in the marketplace.

Now I don’t have an Xbox so forgive me if it doesn’t apply but there is a new experimental MSFS feature to enable changes in the order that mods are loaded, it could well be that settings for newer mods are being overwritten by older mods that were never tested against them.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an option for the Xbox.

Oh sorry I didn’t know that … put it on the wish list I guess.

If you can date the addons it may be possible to uninstall all and start again with the oldest but I’m sure that would be a real pain for many of you and still no guarantee :neutral_face:

Hello @XimaginDragonsX ,

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Apologies but what is the bug template?

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Completed a flight from paris CDG (handcrafted airport) to rome on sim update 10 beta and there was a smooth flight overall on live weather and there was no CTD OR BLACK AVIONICS

Just downloaded new/latest beta patch. Series X. Flight plan: dublin to gatwick,low altitude flight,ils approach,start flight,loading flight menu, INSTANT CTD!!! AGAIN! Using default airbus a320. Ridiculous,still no fix…

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Were you using the vfr map?

Have been running Beta as stock/vanilla system and it’s been very stable, no stuttering at all and that includes flying low over London , Paris , NY Manhattan, Los Angles.

I do find that if I don’t change views and stay in cockpit view for the entire flight that ATC stays on for the full flight. If I toggle from cockpit to exterior view ATC will stop working.

Tried the Honda Jet 3rd party aircraft and CTD even before loading.

Tried F14 Tomcat 3rd party and works flawlessly.

Slowly loading in 3rd party scenery

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Same here. Very smooth performance, even with the LVFR A321 Neo. Latest beta build.

But you’re right, I lost control of the ATC. Was switching from internal to external view.

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That is completely different for me: constant CTDs when starting cold&dark… even with the “no cabin“ models… happens with the stock A320Neo too (XBox X).

It seems lots of variable make our consoles look like different machines. I am on Series S and have had 5 CTD in over a year… I sim from Cold and dark and use 3rd party planes as complex as the Honda Jet with no issues. Unless you are unlucky and stuck with some mysterious issues I would start by removing all your sceneries and airports add-ons to try and figure out if any of those are the issue. Next some well reported good practice things that help the sim are: 1. Always close completely MSFS and maybe even restart XBOX on each new flight 2. Don’t use VFR map while you fly 3. Learn the aircraft you fly so that you don’t stress their system by doing wrong procedures 4. Delete Cache every now and then and especially after all the Updates to sim or add-ons. 5. Don’t mess up too much with flightplans once you are on the flight. When times come for me to change my flight plane I start using my HDG autopilot and ILS frequencies or go manual and visual as messing up the route is a good way to crash MSFS. Hope you get some joy from some of this…


I did only one(long) flight yesterday evening with the latest Beta build, and is was a fluid and smooth experience from start to end. Normally, the lag and stuttering are present right from the strart when panning around the cockpit. CTD’s could still accure possibly, but i have to make far more flights to investigate.

But what are your settings? Do you use rolling cache etc? Because i have almost never a CTD with the default A320.


Yes, rolling cache is 32GB, using HDR10 and 4k at 120 Hz incl. Dolby Vision on an LG G2.
The stock A320Neo crashes less as for example as the A321s but usually it happens every other trial. Seems a bit better if I shut down after a reboot and start from quick resume. Don’t have usually any trouble if I just do an approach to an airport and close the plane down till cold&dark.

Try to set no rolling cache, 60Hz and always a fresh game(no quick resume).

Looks like SU10 is shaping up to be another disaster on Xbox, judging by the comments here. I wonder what the developers will have to say about it in the new Q&A.

On the contrary. Based on my one(long) flight in the A321 Neo, i never had such a smooth eperience as i did with this latest beta build. But again, let’s see how this progresses over the next couple of days.

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Tried with and without rolling cash: doesn’t make a difference. I also tried w. 60 vs 120 Hz and HDR10 off and on: doesn’t make a difference either. Usually it works better if I start from resume. I have to reboot after CTD and if I start then right away I do get yet another CTD frequently so I better first shutdown and quick resume because then the chance seems higher to get through the initial phase. Independent of this I do get blank screens: when I get those I better do a reboot otherwise I would get blank screens right away.

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It’s insane that the experience varies this wildly between users. It looks like this aspect won’t change at all, and that’s what bothers me. I can’t complain currently – I do get CTD here and there but nothing on the scale that some users here experience. In the past days, I had a CTD on the World Map (I kept adding a removing waypoints in an attempt to create a completely custom plan), and one just after I started taxiing out in the Caravan. It was puzzling but I take it. I am on the “live” SU9 version and have no scenery add-ons whatsoever. So I’m somewhat content with what I personally have.

However, it’s disheartening to see so many people with much worse experience, and as a result I can’t be sure about what the “live” SU10 update will bring to me personally. And this unpredictability is what’s the worst in the simulator, that we basically have to dread every update. This is why I don’t participate in the beta either – I’m glad that my sim works as it does right now and I honestly don’t dare risking breaking the experience. It doesn’t look like many reported bugs are fixed during the beta period anyway, we will very much continue “beta testing” after the update officially arrives.

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