CTD's/frame drop still constant Xbox Series X

How is the sim update 10 beta running for you people?

Still crashes constantly and stutters terribly for me


Same thing, crashing when taking off or landing on the runways. It’s frustrating to restart due to landing gear damage after a long flight.
Don’t know how fixed it.

Are you running any third party planes or airports by any chance? I’m still getting terrific performance - but I wonder if that’s because I’m not running any add-ons :thinking:.

Yes im running multiple 3rd party add-on airports and using the default airbus a320 only. I refuse to delete my paid add-ons to play into default washed out airports. Its ridiculous if thats what you have to do (play vanilla) to get a smooth experience. Unexceptional and the fact it hasnt been fixed is beyond me…


That’s your point of view and you are entitled to it. Personally, for me, running a ‘vanilla’ sim - which still looks a generation ahead of most other games I’ve seen - is a price I’m prepared to pay for a smooth performing sim. I simply asked the question because I imagine it’s probably helpful for the devs to understand the causes of some of the variable performance that people are seeing on the same hardware. It does seem that third party airports and aircraft are causing these issues rather than the ‘core’ vanilla sim, which seems much improved.

None of that detracts from the understandable frustration that users feel when add ons cause performance issues, or the reasonable expectation that products sold through an official marketplace shouldn’t result in such an obvious performance penalty.


2 CTD while taking off Atlanta Sim freezes up then CTD

I may just have to take on your advice and for now play “vanilla” until the fix. Since my last comment on here 5 CTD’s in the space of a few hours

Take a look at the complete lack of antialiasing that now exists, and tell me it’s “fine.” Performance problems aside, the image quality has taken a significant nosedive ever since SU 9. It’s not debatable either, because it’s easy to compare screenshots from prior to SU 8 and 9 to the image produced by the current version, and there is a BIG difference. There is now no antialiasing at all, and the SU 10 beta has also eliminated HDR. The combination of the two makes the image look jaggy and shimmery in many places (due to missing AA), and washed out (due to missing HDR). These problems are NOT caused by any third-party add-ons, so if you’re not noticing them then perhaps you just have lower standards than many of us, which would make me suspicious of your performance observations.

A number of other XBOX users have removed ALL of their add-ons and run the sim “plain vanilla”, and still experienced all of the same performance issues. I’m really starting to wonder if some users just don’t pay very close attention to how it is performing and are more accepting of a sub-par experience. Maybe that comes with marketing it as just a “game.”


I can only report on my personal observations and impressions. Mine are positive, and others have reported similar. I am sorry that this is not your impression - and I accept that you are not alone - but I think the spirit of the discussion would be improved if we could recognise that experiences and perceptions differ. Talk of being “suspicious” of other users, references to “low standards”, or highly questionable tangents about the sim being marketed as a “game” is unhelpful and hardly adds to a constructive and comradely tone of discussion.


I do see 3rd party airports as being tested and approved by Microsoft/Asobo once I can buy them in the marketplace.



Good report:


777 300ER captain sim

11 hours and 35 minutes

Fmc used for flight plan

Note: very smooth flight and no choppy frames or lag. I am running the sim on close to pure vanilla apart from having the captain sim 777s downloaded. This version of the sim is standard so london heathrow is NOT a handcrafted airport.


confirm image quality has deteriorated significantly with beta 10. Cockpit dials instruments also not as sharp as before, also ground textures not as clear slightly blurry. Also HDR not working as before. Let’s hope the official version10 will correct this but i doubt is as they have obviously reduced image quality to increase performance.


Actually I’m fine with that. Performance over eye-candy, always in my opinion. Still looks great. I only wish for the HDR to be fixed asap.

Done a flight dublin to nice. Airbus a321 neo. Turn on final approach with AP,click the “LOC” button for ILS approach instant CTD. almost 3 hours wasted for nothing. When is this getting fixed?!,SU10 is out in less than a month and iv seen NO IMPROVEMENT with xbox series x and the constant CTD’s. This topic needs to be voted on more so it can be seen and addressed too. Very frustrated as im sure many are playing on console. And i appreciate everyones comments and feedback on the topic,thank you.


The performance on the XB has dropped over each update. Today I had yet another CTD when I was on the approach leg of my flight.


The sequence this sim has followed so far: After release, performance (at least on XBOX) and image quality were both excellent. Only downside was some features either missing or needing improvement. Then, as features began to be added or tweaked, performance started to suffer (new stutters, freezes, and crashes). Further updates trashed performance even more. Now, image quality has taken a big hit (missing antialiasing, missing HDR, massive pop-in), presumably in an effort to reclaim the performance that was lost for no apparent reason, and the result (so far) is only modest performance gains (but still nowhere near where it originally was) and bad image quality.

This is just a disaster all the way around, and I see no reason for it. The important things, performance and image quality, were great at one point (prior to sim updates 8 and/or 9). Just stop all the flailing around already Asobo, and put the sim back the way it was before you broke it.

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And if 3rd party add-ons are an issue, with as you point out a walled online store that Microsoft controls, then Microsoft needs to take a hard line and not permit any add-on to be sold in the store that would compromise the performance of the sim, period. If they don’t do that, and 3rd party add-ons are dragging down performance, then it’s only a matter of time before the sim becomes the world’s most expensive slide show.


I’ve been putting the sim through its paces over the weekend on Xbox Series X, trying a few flights that have always pushed the performance to breaking point.

For me, I’m still getting the best performance that I’ve had from the sim. I’ve particularly noticed this when flying over London, as this was always a somewhat juddery experience and is now nice and smooth.

A few of my usual caveats - I’m not using any third party scenery or aircraft, and I tend to use ai traffic rather than live.

On another note, has anyone seen anything about FSR coming to the Xbox Series consoles? That might bring another welcome performance boost for Xbox.

They do that I’m sure however they cannot test all mods against each other and they also cannot guarantee a mod won’t get broken by any future sim update. To complicate matters, because they are only a marketplace they probably can’t legally fix any broken 3rd party addons themselves so that will always be up to their own devs … and it can take extra time before the fixes become available in the marketplace.

Now I don’t have an Xbox so forgive me if it doesn’t apply but there is a new experimental MSFS feature to enable changes in the order that mods are loaded, it could well be that settings for newer mods are being overwritten by older mods that were never tested against them.