CTD's/frame drop still constant Xbox Series X

I got most of the 3rd party aiports run pretty stable on SU9 Xbox Series X - what will happen, when SU10 is out? Should I wait a little for an update or will SU10 be an auto update?

The “Sim Updates” are mandatory, and SU10 is scheduled to be released Aug 23 I believe. I’m not sure if turning off auto-update would prevent the update.

It would just delay the inevitable — as soon as you launched FS2020, you’d be forced to update then and there.

SU 10 is a vast improvement on XBOX and I wouldn’t be worried to upgrade unless the beta goes suddenly downhill that is!. I only own 4 addons airport and all worked the same on SU9 as in SU10 at the moment but the sim is the best I have had so far on my series S.


5 CTDs today and im playing vanilla msfs on series x. No 3rd party add ons,airports,scenery etc. Im on SU9 and it still has CTDs. How is this not been addressed yet??? When will it be fixed??? I take off and about 10 mins into flight,freeze and crash. I dont see this being address before SU10. Hopefully im wrong

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Relax😊. SU10 beta build( the current one) is rock stable. I have good hopes for SU10.


Glad you have that experience with it but I have multiple crashes per session.

It depends on a lot of things I guess? Rolling cache enabled or not? Using Quick Resume or not? 3rd party content or not? Etc.

I have rolling caches turned off. No 3rd party add ons like i stated before,playing vanilla msfs on series x. I had CTDs loads in SU10 beta so reverted back to SU9 and still the same problems. Apologies if my previous comment was a bit aggressive,just fed up with crashes and time wasted. Its not enjoyable for me at this stage and i want it to be

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I can only imagine… I don’t get it why there are still so much differences between Xbox users, even with the latest SU10 Bèta build.

I have literally zero problems, except for some 3rd party airports causing CTD’s and the HDR issues…

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Today I tried to make a fly from SBRJ to SBSV and surprise: CTD in ALL
of trials. I’m on SU 10 beta. No addons, scenery, airports, only the HJet. The version of the update is

Had 3 myself today, all at the terminals.

Getting to the point I really dont want to start it up again as its becoming too time consuming to just have a CTD.


Try to not use “bespoke” airports nor 3rd party ones: for me (Xbox Series X) that has helped to have at least some nice flight experience. When I’ll be able to use the marketplace and bespoke airports (I invested quite a lot of money into those) I cannot tell and given the current state may take a while.

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I’ve had ctd’s whilst watching videos posted on the MSFS pilots club :neutral_face:

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The game does see frequent updates… Whether those are add-on updates, version updates by Asobo or SUs and WUs.

You telling me I have to delete and set the rolling cache again every time there is any kind of update? It’s set to 64gb or 100gb I think… Isn’t it bad for the SSD to write to that part again and again multiple times each month?

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A lot of what we do here is guess work I am afraid and I don’t claim to be an expert so see what works best for you. Clearing cache every now and then but always after SU or WU updates seems to be something that helps running the SIM smoother and a way to prevent CTD as reported often in the forum. MSFS and Asobo recommended an ideal cache of 16Gb which is set by default but these figures might change. I guess regular SSD rewriting could shorten the life of the disk but I wouldn’t think it is something to worry too much about it.

Cool. I’ll just clear the rolling cache when SUs and WUs drop only.

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I don’t know if this is relevant to everyone, but this is my recent experience.

I have always enrolled in the beta software channel for the xbox firmware.
My experience with the beta, on my series x, has been mixed. Initially awesome, then lots of ups and downs. Mostly seemingly random CTDs, especially after flying for 2hrs+, or using quick resume.
Yesterday I quit the firmware beta, which meant the xbox had to reset.
The only thing I lost from flight simulator was a couple of system settings and all the downloads, world updates, third party stuff etc.
Now I’m on the standard firmware and everything is downloaded I’m getting slightly quicker loading times, stable gameplay and functional quick resume.

I wonder if the preview firmware was the issue?

I’m on the public firmware and have CTDs, blank screens, stuttering (less frequent though) all the time. Mostly in conjunction w. “bespoke” and 3rd party airports (stock A320Neo).

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Im playing on series x. Using beta 10 version .14 . Playing vanilla msfs with no add ons of any kind ,and i havent had any stutter or cdts since the update that came out friday last week. Im doing short flights on the default a320neo and have rolling caches turned off,live traffic turned off. Before friday last,i had constant cdts and freezes,stutter etc. So hopefully this improvement,improves even more. Fingers crossed