CTD's Out of Nowhere with No Changes

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Randomly started getting CTD’s out of the blue with no additional add-ons being added to the system.

I then removed all addons & reinstalled graphics drivers using DDU. No avail, happens after 2 hours of flight or, less frequently around 15-20 minutes.

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Unable to reproduce based on time / aircraft or region.

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i7-11700KF,32GB RAM, 3070Ti (All stock / NO OC)

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Fault bucket 2200673235493628662, type 5
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Current, NON beta.

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Continuing update:

There does seem to be a pattern to this, but I can only describe it as “on-action”

Changing views
Toggling Speedbrakes
Clicking buttons
Or as the latest example - FMS automatically switching to the next waypoint.

Any one of these have caused the sim to crash.

As additional steps I’ve downloaded furmark and ran a burn in test, temps never went above 69 degrees during a 15 minute test. Memory maxed out & power @ 100%. So I’m thinking this might not be entire a graphics device issue unless something is borked in the rendering pipeline.

After encountering random CTD’s with a very large addon folder (Around 700Gb) I have fouond that there appears to be a limit on the size of the community folder that then causes CTD’s once past a certain point.

I am unable to find exactly where the breakpoint is - but following these steps certainly helps. Unfortunate that it costs so many read/writes. Would be nice to see if Asobo has any idea on how to keep a large community folder when textures in the 8K range can drastically increase size exponentially.