CTD's when downloading world updates

So after having to remove the entire game and re-download because the WU6 kept sticking when decompressing files I have the game re installed. I am now trying to re download all the previous world updates.

I go into the content manager to download and I am hit with constand CTD’s every time I try to download whilst in the menu’s. The CTD’s occur between 10-60 seconds after beggining the WU download.

Really tired trying to get this game working. Havent been able tpo play since the release date on the last WU.

Aerosoft Disk Version (Premium Duluxe)
Community Folder Removed

Same issue

Content Manager keeps CTD without warning message after hotfix update
This is while trying to download Carendado and WUVI updates.

Same issue here. Event viewer shows exception code 0xc0000005. Even updated to the latest hotfix added today.

does you already tried to limit the fps ( e.g, with nvidia controll center ) ?

PS: I assume you not disable pagefile, or do OC :slight_smile:

Found that if you click the bar all the way to the right of the World Update in the content manager, you can select to update the Photogrammery only. It downloaded and I didn’t run into any issues the third time around. Now it’s all downloaded.