CTDs when vr stops

Game CTDs when changing between Vr and 2d mode. Even if Vr crash it CTDs. Any one else has this issue?

Newest Windows update and drivers ?

  • Windows key + i > updates
  • And your gpu software ie. Geforce Experience

win update KB5003637

zotac amp 2080ti update 471.11

Did you find any solution?

What did help me was this.

Go to https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/
Scroll down to
( Wagnard Tools (DDU,GMP,TDR Manipulator, new CPU Core Analyzer)-(Updated 22/06/2021)

Download Display Driver Uninstaller and install.
Run the installer and Uninstall Nvidia driver files.
Then Install new fresh Nvidia drivers.
Do not forget to reboot pc after uninstall and after Nvidia driver install…

This fixed my issue and made my pc run better in msfs2020

Good luck hope it helps…