Cub Crafter X Cub wont start

Am I doing something wrong? I am not able to start the Cub Crafter X Cub from cold and dark as the plane never has any oil pressure.

If I start from a runway its fine but if I then turn everything off and back on I get the same issue.

Are you pushing in the mixture to rich?

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Same here. I have to use the on-panel starter with a mouse.

Yes the mixture is set to rich, from an experience point of view this is the only aircaft I cant start from cold and dark. I did go through a youtube video of someone else starting this just in case I was missing something obvious but they did the exact same proceedure and never had the oil pressure issue.

Where is the on panel starter, what am I missing?

I found that using my Honeycomb Alpha yoke’s starter (via input management) it would release the starter after maybe 1 second tops, which isn’t enough for this plane? If I use the mouse to hit turn the key to start for about 2-3 seconds, it stays running.

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It’s on the right hand side…sorta hidden from view.

Ah, I see, that could be the issue then, I will try starting it with the mouse rather than via the yoke

I have had a similar problem long before this recent update with starting the Bonanza cold and dark. Have to use the panel starter with the mouse.

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Same here. Definitely a honeycomb yoke issue. Do the entire startup process as outlined and just use the mouse to crank it over. This happens on all sorts of GA planes. Not just this one. Happened to the Just Flight Arrow too.

Has anyone found a way to fix this problem with the Alpha Yoke? Or is everybody just OK with using the mouse to crank the starter? I know I didn’t spend the money on this Honeycomb gear so I could still use the mouse. I have just started flying the bush planes and the X Cub is the only plane I have flown that I have this problem with. So is it the Honeycomb yoke or is it the plane? If it is the yoke then why don’t the other planes have the same problem?

I suspect it’s the plane with any input device simulating the starter. Does anyone know of a different input device that simulates the starter that does work with this plane?

This bug is still present with Sim Update 5 / 1.18,14.0

Do you find that the Alpha starter works with most planes? I have to use the mouse with the Xcub and Bonanza. Otherwise it works. Be careful to return the switch to “Both” once the engine starts (as in the real world, although most starters are spring-loaded to return to Both).

IIRC, it works for me in at least these planes I fly fairly regularly:

  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 152
  • Cirrus SR-22
  • Pipistrel Virus SW 121
  • Flight Design CTSL
  • Top Rudder 103 Solo
  • Diamond DV20
  • Diamond DA40 NG (but note you have to turn on the engine master on screen first)

Note though I’m connecting it through so it’s via SimConnect events.

This bug exists since the first release, there is a workaround / solution: Honeycomb Alpha Avionics BUS1 switch has no effect in X-Cub

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use "SET STARTER 1 (HOLD) for Joystick button 35 instead of “MAGNETO START”

This works in the X-Cub. Strangely though “SET STARTERS (HOLD)” has no effect. So one has to bind “SET STARTER 1 (HOLD)” to “SET STARTER 4 (HOLD)”.

Still present as of - SU6

Changing binding to Set Starter 1-4 (Hold) is a workaround.