Cubcrafters XCub - Garmin PFD stays dead. Black. Doesn't work

As the title says. When i’m starting the plane, the Garmin display stays dead. As if it was without power. Avionics button doesn’t trigger it.

While googling for possible solutions i found older post here in the forums, but the issue was never solved, and the post was closed down. Probably for inactivity.

I also found a hint that certain Garmin addons might cause problems, so i deleted the Working Title’s Garmin 1000NXi addon in the content manager.
I restarted the simulator afterwards (and later even the entire computer), but the PFD stays dead.
I even checked whether the Garmin 1000NXi addon folder got deleted from the community folder, and it has. It’s not there anymore.

I also have the pms50 gtn750 addon, is there a possibility that THAT causes my issue?

What i find odd is that other planes using G1000 (C172 G1000 for example, but others as well) are completely fine and the PFDs/MFDs boot up just fine when doing the cold start.

The only plane that refuses to boot up the Garmin display is the Cubcrafters XCub. Is there a chance that the plane itself is somehow bugged?

Pleez help… :frowning:

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Note that the XCub does not have a G1000, but a G3X. If you’re in the SU15 beta, there’s a new G3X implementation in testing – it’s possible that if you’re using any third party mods to the plane (including liveries) that they are interfering in new and novel ways.

If you are not in the beta, nothing should have changed recently. :slight_smile:

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If you are using any performance mods for the XCub like the one from Bush League Legends, it will screw up your avionics with SU15 Beta.

Oh wow, thanks for the clarification. Had no clue it’s not G1000. But still, i don’t have any Xcub mods, nor am i participating in the beta testing. The only modded planes i have are commercial airliners.

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Did you try disabling this mod yet just in case? Double-check any other third-party mods you may have installed too, even if you think they might not apply.

Worst case you could try removing the plane itself out of the Official\OneStore package directories and re-downloading it, but it’s unlikely to have been actually corrupted in-place.

I’m gonna try to disable the gtn750 as well, just to be sure, but disabling the G1000NXi mod didn’t help either, and this is even more different nav package - furthermore, it doesn’t seem to be causing any issues in any other of my 30+ planes.
Will let you know as soon as i get to it.

Sorry, still didn’t get to it. I didn’t have much time to fly last week.

Ok. So, i was swapping a failing HDD, adding SSD. After doing that, i completely reinstalled MSFS. After adding back all the addons, sceneries, etc., i found a weird thing in the content manager.
While i was able to manually delete GARMIN G1000NXI and one version of GNS 430/530, the content manager also shows GARMIN G3000 and ANOTHER version of GNS 430/530 as UP TO DATE, but when i select them, there’s no way to actually remove them, which is odd.
I went through the Community folder, in hopes that i could delete it that way, but haven’t really found any folders related to Garmin.
The Cub screens are still dead. :frowning:

I did find WorkingTitle Garmin folders in Official/Steam folder. Should i try to delete it from there?

If all your other aircraft are OK, I’d suggest that at this point you wait until SU15 is released (now scheduled for May 7th-ish), as the Xcub, NXcub & JMB VL-3 all will have their glass displays upgraded to the GX3 Touch. :slightly_smiling_face: