Culj-Napoca airport (LRCL)

Attention pilots!
During today’s flight from Budapest to Cluj Napoca, at the final of the Cluj airport (runway 25), I noticed that the plane was not flying towards the runway, but parallel to the runway a little to the right, even though the navigation was pointing perfectly towards the runway.
Fortunately, I turned off the autopilot in time and landed the plane successfully. I thought I’d share it so that someone doesn’t accidentally pay attention and it becomes a problem!
Clear and blue skies for everyone!

and I would like to ask the developers of the simulator to investigate the error as soon as possible

This is strange, as I’ve never had an issue with the ILS 25 at Cluj. What aircraft did you use ?

hi, the pmdg 737-600 but the navigraph simlink also showed the same as my instruments, but I was to the right of the runway, right

the red line is where I flew

I’ve just done an ILS 25 in the PMDG 737. No issues🤷🏻‍♂️

well, it doesn’t matter, then I must have the error, thanks for the answer!!:airplane: