Current Data Consumption

Hello Everyone ! We’ve just Reinstalled MFS 2020 and our ‘Current Data Consumption’ is 470.29 GiB which seem’s a little excessive.
Has anyone one else had a similar issue and is it possible to Re Set this item ?

Regard’s from Thom.

Do you fly in many different regions? and use MSFS a lot?
MSFS does use quite a bit of data, I am not sure if this indicator counts the update data amount.
The info text says this info should be reset per month.

Thank’s for Responding. We reinstalled the Sim twice. The fist time we noticed a CDC figure of 137.6 GIB and thinking that we hadn’t Deep Cleaned sufficiently and this was a Left Over from the previous Installation we Re installed a second time and the CDC was more than doubled.

The amount of data indicated there is also the data streamed, which is not permanently stored, so it could be higher than the amount of data MSFS occupies on the hard drive.

Base sim with World Update 3 (and some smaller optional items not instailled) is about 135GB right now.

We will see if it Resets itself. We’re just a little bit puzzled as to why there was137,6 and then 470 + GIB CDC.

Oh Well,… Just another ‘endearing’ quirk from our beloved Sim.

Thank’s for the Advice.

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