Current issue with live weather and associated ctd (and possibly black screen on xbox)

For sure, hopefully the CTD is fixed too. Had one on short final into KDFW yesterday. Hurt my soul too since it was my first somewhat successful Vatsim full flight.

That’s a bummer! Vatsim is soo cool! But a ctd is such bummer on such immersive flights.

Did a quick spawn at EHHV airport and live weather seems to be back. Checked the altimeter with actual METAR and these where correct as well.

“A server side fix has been deployed – You should now be able to experience MSFS using the Live Weather feature.” banner now.

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A server side fix has been applied:

Hopefully this addresses the issues that this thread was designed to mitigate.


Great new – Weather is back – Thank to all who made this happen. :+1:

While I have no right to ask, or to expect an answer, I will ask in case I do.

  • Was it a FIX of a Bug, with the hope it should not happen again, at least for that same reason ?


  • Was it just a restart because it crashed, and it could happen again at any time. ?

Would be nice to know as a user, what to expect, going forward.


We’ll have a better idea at 6pm EST when we see if the officially unacknowledged 6-7:12pm EST daily downtime happens again like it’s been doing since SU7.

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But also, this latest multi-day downtime seemed to have been caused by the new year, so on that particular bug we should be good for a while.

Would be good to know why there are so many online issues in general (say ATC dropping so often) too. Do you need a restart of FS to see this live weather fix. Metar is saying overcast, looking out my window says overcast/broken yet it’s wall to wall clear skies at my departure airport. :roll_eyes:

If you’re getting anything aside from 2992 and 10.80nm visibility, you’re getting some sort of weather info. Might need to restart the sim.

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I left the sim running while I was away and it’s all clouded up now. Must have taken a while to filter through. Looks a lot more real now.

I use a browser when I fly and when I open up a a page I still get noise interference…

Shame it’s still broken.

This is not being widely reported. Maybe some specifics of your situation would help.

Clouds too low, not correct cloud types, clouds too dark/yellow, not correct cloud coverage.

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You’re in the wrong thread.

After about 1 hour, the weather was loaded again.

I have the same problem.
After 2 hours of flying all the screens will be black (off) and the fps starts to drop and then the game crashes. So for me the server update did not fix it.

‘Current issue with live weather’

It is a current issue that live weather still doesn’t work properly.

There will be far too many posts saying yes live weather is fixed. No, it isn’t fixed. Some weather is being injected into the sim, yes, but it is still incorrect according to all the sources from which it is supposed be derived.

We should not pretend that everyone is happy now ‘live weather is back’, because it does not work.