Current performance issue and support team resolution

I used MSFS since day one of it’s release and never had performance issues. With the latest sim update 3 I saw a noticeable decrease in performance especially when in virtual cockpit, very stuttering image and aven the main menu is extremely lagging. I was using the same high to ultra settings all the time with no issues until thia update. Contacted support…

Their solution was a joke… reduce your settings!
But why if I used the same settings with no issues until today.

Why not just admit that there is an issue ?



Yep, I got the same email a few days ago. I did what they recommended (no improvement) and replied that their recommendations did not solve my problems. Today I received an email which said that they understand that there are problems and they are working on it. I’m sure many others on this forum received the same email(s). Well, at least they are acknowledging that there are issues.


They have admitted there’s an issue (check the sticky topics in the news section) and are working hard on fixing it.

What they posted in that reply was not a fix, but a temporary workaround that worked for some people to reduce the issue until the fix is patched in.


I had to downgrade render scaling to 80 for the worst of the problem to go away after the update. It really helped. 80% isn’t that bad either- it’s not ideal, but it smooths out some of the stutters to make it flyable. Annoying, but flyable.

Not really a “workaround”-- it would have been like id decimating Quake performance back in the day with a patch, then saying to run the game at 640x480 instead of 800x600.

But yes, I suppose lowering internal rendering resolution does wallpaper somewhat over the significant drop in framerate… no substitute for an actual fix of course.


At least they admit there is an issue. The solution is not what I expected.


I really did not have any “new” issues with su3 just the same stuff they have been working since the beginning. Every update get’s a little better. And with the help if this forum.


I get that the sim is extremely complex, so it’s probably hard to change anything without affecting something else. But honestly, has there been a single update or fix that hasn’t inadvertently broken something else?

I remember when they tried to fix the winds and suddenly you couldn’t pull up the in-game map without crashing the sim. They push an update and suddenly your screens suddenly go black on approach. They update the U.K. and break the flaps, a hugely fundamental part of the flight simulator. Finally they update the sim itself, and now performance is garbage, even in the menus. The list can really go on and on. Every update fixes something or adds content, but breaks something just as essential. I don’t really understand how no one noticed this in testing.


You forgot the fix for the alt hold oscillation when on autopilot, only to have it reintroduced in the simupdate after it. Those were the days…


Yup because despite the bugs you could still fly…but now its not even worth getting off the ground.

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The current problem of performance MSFS have is more CPU related then GPU, so reducing resolution is not even enough to fix all lags I experiment. In any case, I fly usually at my monitor resolution 1920x1080 and going at 80% of it is a no-go, and resolve nothing. If you have a 4K monitor I guess the impact is less at 80% visually, but the CPU still the cull-print so this solution is not even a real workaround.
And I prefer to fly in VR where I have already a 70% render scale. don’t ask me to reduce this one too :wink:

We need patience, they said they work on it. Hope it will be resolved quickly.


Same result here. I run an UWQHD at 3440x1440 powered by a 2080 with settings mostly at high, a couple of Ultra, and a few less important at medium. This used to get me 50+ fps before the December VR update, and 40+ prior to the UK update, and generally a very smooth experience outside of the stupid busy areas like KLAX, KJFK, KATL, etc.

UK update stole 15 fps away. Then after SU3, I struggle for 20 fps regardless of settings. My GPU is sitting at 40% or less use while CPU is pegged on the main thread and running 20 degrees hotter than it ever has. I can lower settings and run 50% scaling (720p) and all low settings and it doesn’t gain me a single fps. The only result I see is my GPU usage falling to 10% or less.

So I’m with you that it’s something to do with CPU.


I run render scaling on 150 and things are nice an crisp. 100 is a blurry mess. Not even going to try 80! What a poor suggestion from Asobo!

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The biggest problem here is not neccicarily the performance issue, but the way Asobo and Microsoft are dealing with this.

It takes weeks before they even aknowledge the problem (wich was very obvious after the update, forums were full with this issue) And it will take another few weeks to solve the problem. In the mean time we’ll have to stick (again) with a poorly working game.

Since this sim came out of alpha, went to beta and later full release things are drasticaly changed in the way of updating/communicating/fixing.

Some of the ealier alpha’s were still the best versions compared to what we have now.
The rate of fixes and improvements (if there are actually any improvements) is slower and unrealiable. Communication is laughable.

I wonder if this game will ever meet expectations again to the hype they created in the early stages of development. There’s was hope during alpha. But after that hope just dissapeared more and more.

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They’re basically grasping at straws at the moment and suggesting anything with hopes that it will show some improvement for the affected person submitting the ticket. I don’t think they really have a clear picture of what’s actually going on.


Not really, they have a clear picture what’s going on, and are working on the fix that will be patched in. They’re just giving a possible temporary workaround.
If setting render scaling to 80 makes the sim playable instead of unplayable, then it’s a valid temporary workaround isn’t it?
Won’t work for everyone, and everyone’s perception of ‘acceptable’ will differ. But at least it’s better than just a ‘we’re working on it, wait for a patch’ though right?

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I think you are right. They have so many problems to sort out, they just aren’t coping. And we sit here still waiting for basic things like an ATIS that reports correct weather! Bit of a shambles all round.

Yes…at least they answered and are trying to help. Better than being standoffish.

In theory, yes, it should. That’s basiaclly the same for any game. Run at lower resolution, get higher performance. That’s under the assumption that the GPU is being bogged down.

But for many of us after SU3, it’s a CPU issue vs GPU. And it’s an issue we didn’t experience before. Whether I run at my regular setting of 3440 x 1440, 100% scaling, mix of high / med settings OR run at 50% scaling (720p) with all low graphics, it makes zero difference in terms of performance. Like not even a single noticeable fps increase. I’m still stuck at under 20 fps. Many others have reported the same observation.

The only setting that seems to have any effect on frame performance atm for me is terrain LOD. Anything above 80 and my frames start dropping. At 80 or lower, I stay at a consistent 18-20.

That’s why I said ‘It won’t work for everyone’.
Still, better than nothing though.