Custom Camera Views (PC Version)

After a four month break from the flight sim to move house i have finally got the flight sim rig back and all updates installed. It looks like i cannot save custom cockpit views any longer even though the key bindings are there and set up correctly. Has this function been removed or broken in recent updates?

I have the same issue, it was working last week and the second day is stopped working even I reinstall the whole sim but still, I’m unable to fix this issue.

I have finally found the answer. I am now back to being able to save custom views and activate them from a button press on the yoke or by a key press. Now i just need to return all the camera.cfg files i editted to get the view i needed to the original and then save my favourite views.

Would you care to share that solution?
I think @ThePilot8452, and possibly others would like to hear it. :blush:

Sure, just wasn’t sure anyone else had the issue other than ThePilot8452 since there were no replies to the original message other than his. The solution was quite simple. During one of the updates the home cockpit setting under cockpit cameras was enabled. Turning this off now allows me to save the custom view i want and also reconfigure the keys so that the numeric keypad and streamdeck control my custom views.

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Many thanks to you ZKIWI66 ! I was searching the solution for hours and issued a support ticket for this !

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