Custom cameras, please no toggle

A bug is something where it’s suppose to work a certain way. But it’s not. This isn’t a bug. It’s just not intuitively designed in the first place.

Besides, explaining it does make it seem very convoluted. I learned about this through experiment. I didn’t read anything and nobody explaines to me how it works. So I was trying different button combination and testing to see what each command works and setting them in a way that makes it easy for me to understand. The more I experiment it myseld, the more I understand how it works.

Now I just got used to it and it becomes muscle memory if I want to switch camera modes quickly.

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just wait ,i can not say about this anymore,maybe 2030,hopefully

Finally I made a little video to document how annoying this behavior is.
→ Read video description please. ←

Imagine this happends in approach all the time. I dislike this REALLY REALLY much.

Please Asobo, make this toggle behavior configurable!!!


Totally agree with this. Having to press twice to get back to a regular view is so annoying. Something so simple should not be hard to implement.

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Agreed, this is extremely annoying.

What would be even better is releasing the camera API so that 3rd party devs can create the great camera products that existed for literally every single sim prior to this.

So antiquated the way asobo is handling the camera, and extremely annoying.


Yes that would be great, but it is another topic.
I don’t wanna go so far.

For me it would be great, when Asobo makes the toggle behavior of the custom cameras configurable!
A simple switch in the general options “toggle custom cameras. ON/OFF” and that’s it!
I guess a good programmer need 2 hours and it is fixed!

And this thing annoyes me and many of other people A LOT every day!


And another bump up.

Would be really nice, when Asobo could send any reply on this.

I’m sure, to realize this would be a very small effort!


+1. Yes, no more toggle!

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Surprisingly it got worse is the last time.
Sometimes I have to press 3 or 4 times the button, until I get this desired camera view!

Asobo PLEASE DO SOMETHING, it’s far, very far from perfect!


It is really annoying. And no help in sight.

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