Custom Community install not working

I have a custom MSFS install from a boxed Standard version (DVD) at F:/Flight Simulator. There I do find the Community Folder.
I have downloaded the A32NX folder with the A32NX airplain from and kept it into this Community folder, but I cannot see the airplain in my hangar
Wondering whether this is due to a bug in MSFS or because I have the stardard version with some sort of limitation

A32NX is from Standard version so it is not the problem.
Is your “A32NX” folder is directly under Community folder ? (it must be)

Folder Community contains folder A32NX
Folder A32NX contains files manifest.json, layout.json,en-US.locPak and all addon’s sbfolders

what i understand is that addon doesn’t add an aircract but customize the existing one.
it must add liveries to the existing one but not adding an aircraft.

Thank you. I am a rookie in this FS business
My Airbus has the smoking switch functional, so it must be working

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I’ve added three add-ons and unzipped them to the “COMMUNITY” folder. None of them are showing up in the sim.

Am I missing something?