Custom FBW Flight Plan Manager test build - Livestream!

Back in the Custom Flight Plan Manager test branch of the flybywire A32NX today in the Land of the Rising Sun, all in the First Officer’s seat too to really throw me off!

Flying across beautiful Japan, one of my all time favourite places in the world, we’re flying a real Peach Aviation route from Tokyo Narita to Kushiro - all on the VATSIM Network!

Great! I’m subscribed to your channel and I see all your videos.
But one question, are you experiencing issues with exterior lights after SU5?
Yesterday I did a flight with latest FBW dev build and I had flickering and blocky landing, taxi and logo lights. Really weird.

Yeah, sometimes it does that. I usually just close the sim and restart again.

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Yeah seems it’s a bug similar to random jetways missing at airports.

Indeed! I’ve also noticed that the AI traffic no longer have Nav lights and I’m lucky if I get any lights at times too on AI aircraft, makes it a little difficult on VATSIM sometimes! Hoping the next update rectifies that

Are you in the position to share when the new Flightplan manager will be released in the FBW dev version?

Good question, I really don’t know - you can follow it all along on their GitHub and I’m sure when it’s added they’ll tweet about it and announce it.

I was hoping it would be out now but there are some issues with it still (as we saw today in stream on arrival) but otherwise they’re making good progress