Custom ILS doesn't appear after SDK version 0.19.3

I just recompiled my airport addons after the introduction of SU10, with SDK version updated to the latest one, i.e. 0.19.3. However, when I browse the airport in World Map, there is no localizer present for the airport, provided that all the navaids and waypoints have been set to show up. Then I try to start a new sim session, then enter the ILS ident and/or frequency directly to see if it actually works, no luck. Is there anyone who experience the same problem with me?

Hi everyone, in this latest version I no longer see the ILS Custom made for an airport, before this version it was present, now not anymore. This happens whether or not I have Navigraph in the Community. Does it happen to anyone else? Thanks and bye

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idem for me, Naigraph or not is equals
But the Navigraph is recognized, my ILS Custom is not. If I remove Navigraph it is not recognized and the Content.xml file is created in the LocalCache

To go back to see my Custom ILS I removed the check mark in the DeleteAllIls item under the Delete menu in the Airport section. Surely it is a bug because the DeleteAllIls should delete all the ILS present in the Asobo NAV, probably the register flag has been inverted. We hope Asobo systems

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