Custom Livery - distance pop/change

Hi guys

I am working on a livery, and I am not sure why this is happening. When I import my livery into the game, it all looks good, but then when I zoom out, it changes into a different texture?!
The odd thing is, when I exported the files from PS, I’ve made sure “mip-mapping” was on.
I’ve even re-imported them into PS to make sure they are all there.

Any idea why this might be happening?

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What plane is it…?

I have this problem with a livery I just had commissioned.

For me, it’s the 787 with the Airborne Express livery. You can try it on Really great help from the creator trying to get it solved, but nothing he did made it any better.

I’ve tabled it as a bug.

hmmm, yea, it is odd.
I’ve been creating my liveries for a while now, but it always has worked in the past; up until now lol.
the plane in question is the Pitts.

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