Custom scenery - CTD since recent update


Since a recent update (I’ve taken a break from FS for a few months), most of my custom sceneries are resulting in a CTD at load or right after loading the flight.

The custom sceneries are a handful of improvements I made (way back around SU2 or so) of me just adding a few objects and exclusion polygons to existing scenery.

Long ago, I made sure all of them comply with the best practice of renaming the modelLib.BGL.

I cant even get into the sceneries in DevMode Scenery editor. Causes immediate crash.

How can I troubleshoot these? I dont know what’s causing the issues.

Thanks for any input!

I was able to fix one by quickly removing an exclusion polygon…interesting. After saving and exporting, it seems to work fine. I cant get the others to load though, so I cant do the same.