Custom scenery not replacing original


I’ve tried adding a couple of custom stadiums, namely Wembley and the London Stadium - both are in my community folder and show up in game, However rather than replace the default stadiums that are in game, they are just sitting on them, therefore making a blend of original and custom scenery. Does anybody have an idea of what the cause is? Is it something my end?

Many thanks :blush:

You gotta place the Polygon object and disable autogen and OSM buildings.

Does anyone happen to know when creating custom scenery, why it doesn’t load until you are right on top of it in the game. If I take something from google bring it in Blender then into the simulator it works fine and I can see it from far away. When I create something in Blender then bring it in the sim it only appears when I am right near it . I even brought in a google object and put a simple object on it and that worked fine. I could see it from far away.