Custom views end in a glitch

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When I switch between custom views, there is a sort of visual pop or clunky glitch as it settles into the final view position. I haven’t seen this until recently.

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Here’s a video:

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Create 2 custom views and then switch between them using load custom view keybinds.

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Ryzen 7 5700x RTX 4080 32 GB RAM

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The most recent one.

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Every time I post anything anywhere I get told off for posting in the wrong place and then the post is apparently moved somewhere else. It’s very annoying. I posted this in bugs BECAUSE IT IS A BUG.

When you are having an issue with the sim, and you seem to be the only one experiencing the issue out of the millions of copies sold, it is understandably a very concerning issue to you, but not a bug with the sim.
That is why we require others to be able to replicate the issue before being admitted as a bug report.

I don’t know if this will be any help, but here is a link to an article on creating custom views that may give you an idea as to what may be wrong.

If this is no help, what you can do as well, is to contact MSFS Support using "I Need Technical Support (Loading Issues, Crash, Performance, etc…) in the selection window.
They are usually quite good with their assistance, and may be able to help you with the problem.

I finally found a thread of some people on avsim who are experiencing the same problem, proving that I am not the only person experiencing it out of “millions of copies sold”. It is a bug. People either just have learned to live with it or haven’t raised it as an issue in the forums. Out of your millions of copies, only a fraction attend this forum so it isn’t a representation of those millions of customers.

I have read the thread you sent, it doesn’t address my issue. I think I have read every thread on custom views now.

Ok thanks. I will try that tech support approach as well. Cheers.

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Can you post a pic of your cameras.cfg file for an aircraft that this happens with?