Cyvr - cylw

To my Canadian neighbors, BC is a gorgeous place to fly! A little bumpy today but a great VFR flight. In the Bonanza(Turbo) with the G1000NXi it was great. Really spectacular!

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I usually fly into Kelowna, Penticton, Vancouver, and Victoria with the Aerosoft’s CRJ or the PMDG DC-6

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Should have done a VFR hop over the Rockies yesterday! Beautiful, clear blue skies, and 60 knot surface winds! I shut off the AP and throttled the baron waaay back. THAT was bumpy!

I usually run back and forth between CYDQ and CYVR or CYYJ as my late evening, before bed sim fix.
I believe you just cannot beat the view as you come over the Coastals and get the first view of the strait. Especially if you can time it as the sun is dipping below the island.


A friend of mine (CPL-H) has moved from Germany to the Vancouver area and flies helicopter (and privately C172 on floats) there. His photos in insta are simply amazing. It‘s a really beautiful place to fly.

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