Cyvr payware airport crash to desktop

I purchased the cyvr Vancouver airport pack and since last update and hotfix every single time I spawn or land it crashes to desktop. Nothing in the community folders or nothing modded . Needs to be addressed ASAP so don’t purchase this yet until they fix this issue .

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The flight sim gods say “You shall not buy Airplanes, Airports or Scenery until the Sim is stable” WHICH MSFS2020 is a long way from it.


Don’t listen to him, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Best bet is to uninstall FSDreamTeam Vancouver V2 MSFS version 1.0.1 from Settings/Apps then download and install again. You can download using the delivery notification in the email that was sent to you. After installing run the FSDT Live Update tool to ensure that everything is up to date.