DA-62 G1000 - are there 'parked brake', gear, and flap status indicators?

I don’t have enough joystick buttons. I just use the MSFS default bindings for the Logitech Extreme 3D joystick. That means I have to press the POV key several times just to see the status on the plane. I have the same problem with the Baron.

Take a look at Air Manager. It’s great for this sort of thing. I have a full DA62 instrument panel outside of the sim but you can start with as few or as many Instruments as you want.

I did. Never heard of it before. It’s very interesting. Would the panels or gauges work in deluxe or premium (encrypted) aircraft? Thank you.

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They certainly will. I would post some photos with examples but for some reason the forum is not playing ball at present.

I set up my air manager again. Video here. All my controls were unbound so the landing is a bit ropey.

These are the controls I use which used to work with all planes.

Why not use the mouse to move your viewpoint around? The default settings allow you to move your view angle by right-dragging the mouse for a quick angle change, or tap the middle button to toggle in and out of free look. Check your camera settings for the free look reset - there’s manual or auto.

The forum is working again now so here are those photos. These are not your average Air Manager panels and instruments but shows what can be achieved.

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Yes, I know. But I thought there might be indicators similar to what is in the G3000 and that I’m just not seeing them or pressing the right buttons or correctly configured in the G1000 PFD and MFD.

The G3000 has these for the Longitude:

Nice. Thank you. I’ll look into it. Panel design can be a nice hobby in a hobby.

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