DA40 NG (Improved) - A Few Questions

I’m transitioning from the C172 to the DA40NG with the Improvement mod and NXi and I had a few questions I’d like to get clarified.

Does the ROL mode in the AP work correctly? I’ve experienced it holding an angle on the initial activation but it doesn’t seem to work after that to either level or hold a different roll. After using heading mode it seems to finally level.

Should the Avionic Master switch turn on the MFD? It only seems to impact coms and the AP.

Is the AUX Fuel Pumps in the checklist the same as “Fuel Pumps” on the dash? What is the function as the check list seems to call for them on takeoff and landing. However, I don’t ever see it being mentioned anywhere else.

I’ve seen conflicting info on the Fuel Transfer button. I’ve heard to just leave it on but it looks to me like it keeps going and would unbalance the airplane. Is the proper use to just turn on as needed and shutoff when balanced?

Is the fuel type actually used considered to be diesel or Jet A fuel? I’ve not seen diesel listed typically at airports. I suppose fueling doesn’t matter much anyway since there is no realism option and we can refuel anywhere.

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