DA40-NGX Improvement Mod (v0.10, SEP 30, SuX)

Thanks. I’ll double-check on my next flight.


Just do the fuel transfer with the pump (Fuel transfer switch) regularly. Check it in about every 45-60 minutes. Engine is fed from the left tank only, by design.

the fuel transfer has a float switch and will prevent the main tank from overfilling.

emergency transfer will not do that and you will lose fuel out of the main tank

I just took this out for the first time in ages and I have to say how impressed I am. I enabled the free castoring nosewheel and it’s a very unique experience to handle on the ground. It handles right on the numbers as far as I can see. And I tried the characteristic stall and it behaved exactly as expected, mushing down to a steady 1000 fpm at 55 kias, with aileron control. What a fantastic plane! Thank you for working so hard on it


Hi MrTommymxr, now that the DA40 TDi has been decrypted can you (or are you able) to create a flight model mod for it? They are very similar so I’d guess the same flight model as the NGX wouldn’t be too far from reality.

im not sure yet, the cockpit files are still locked and i need those.



Well, it’s not DA40 but close to it, do you see any chance of adjusting DV20 to a more realistic flaps behaviour - like having a lot more drag as the current sim version lacks it a lot?

Thanks for this absolutely awesome mod!, I just can’t fly again without it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Quick question: would it be possible to add wing flex+vibrations to this model?. I know they tend to be high frequency vibrations, but they are there and can be very noticeable so it would be great to have them.

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Thanks a lot!!!

Just have one question: when modified config flight_model.cfg to have free nose-wheel instead of steering one - have strange effect: when taxing plane has tendency to turn right, even stronger than can be compensated by rudder pedals, so have to use differential braking…At runway when hi throttle - everything acting as usual, but with minimum one - right turn… In real life I would think the nose-weel was jammed on the vertical axis with some right angle…
Can anyone recommend pls where to look ?

Thanks in advance

wind perhaps.

unfortunately Asobo doesn’t understand the importance of the coanda effect for planes with castering nosewheels and they will not add that to the CFD.

Im gonna use every chance i can to call that out.


That was my first idea… But then I tried DV-20 and it doesn’t show this effect. And also DA-40 always turns right, regardless of the direction I’m taxiing :slight_smile:

So you recommend returning to steering nosewheel?

I would like to insist on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Insist, huh?

Ok folks, take it easy.

default flightmodels ignore winds below 25knots

yeah id recommend keeping the controllable nose wheel

visual extras like wing flex are cool but not necessary


Thanks a lot!!!

Best regards!