DA40-NGX Improvement Mod (v0.10, SEP 30, SuX)

Got it… I think it’s working then. The RPM response is just different than the version (smoother).

Also just checked the std DA40 NG and the rpms do reduce with throttle reduction, so this is not a reliable indication of having the DA40 NGX installed. Its only the std DA62 that holds the rpms on throttle reduction. In flight a more realiable indication of using the X versions is the white power and rpm readouts. Std MSFS uses green numerals on both.

first of all, thank you very much for the great job you’re doing. I’m a flight instructor with several hundreds hours on the DA40-NG.

In order to improve the fidelity of the mod it could be interesting to implement the logic of flaps indicator. This logic is described in the AFM page 7-5. Here’s the description of this logic :
Flap Position Indicator:
The current flap position is indicated by means of three lights beside the flap selector
When the upper light (green) is illuminated, the flaps are in the cruise position (UP);
when the center light (white) is illuminated, the flaps are in take-off position (T/O);
when the lower light (white) is illuminated, the flaps are in landing position (LDG).
When two lights are illuminated simultaneously, the flaps are between the two indicated
positions. This is the case only when the flaps are traveling.

Sincerely yours.


Yup i am aware of that. Im working on other things and i will try not to forget to add this :slight_smile:


Thank you for the great mod! :slightly_smiling_face:

Since the last update the “Fuel Qty Gal” indicator on the right display doesn’t move and if I press the HDG knob on the left G1000 the heading bug is somewhere but not straight ahead. If I press “D” at the keyboard and then the knob it’s straight ahead. But after a few seconds click again the HDG knob it’s off again. Should this happen within a few seconds?

Is there a new G1000 mod?


BTW, for those who want a castering nosewheel, head into the SimObjects folder and open flightmodel.cfg

Change this value from 45 to 180.
This will make the nosewheel free castering.


I will investigate the fuel tanks yeah

yeah the heading bug, is BUGGED (pardon my pun). Not sure why and how to fix.

Maybe this problem is caused bei the G1000 mod? The last version I use is 0.3.2.

Are you aware that you have to transfer fuel from the right to the left tank?

Its been there since day one that I have been playing around with the files. Before the G1000 mod

Yes, and now I tested without the G1000 mod v0.3.2 and the problem is gone. It seems the G1000 mod is causing this problem. Only with you mod the fuel qty values show the correct amount of fuel and move. With the mod they are static.

interesting. i just tried it and it worked.

try removing everything and re downloading.

Strange, I have your mod v0.6.1 from flightsim.to. Could you please give me a correct link to the latest G1000 mod? I’ll try again after a fresh install of the mods.

the link provided should be their github.

Ok, now it works. Thank you for checking back.

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Thanks very much by advance


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A new prop effect I have been working on for the DA40.

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i guess i could add that


  • Added ECU run-up
  • Cleaned up/polish on the G1000 indications*
  • Engine indications can now be monitored for 3 seconds after shutdown**
  • Added Voltage drop when starting
  • Lowered max water and oil temperature (engine wont overheat so easy)
  • Improved oil pressure behaviour
  • Gal Used indications redone***

*The “X” has been replaced with “—” like the real thing, also just looks better. RPM and load gauge will simply show “0” and not -100/-3000.

**The indications are basically on a 3 second timer. This way you an monitor the engine shutdown

***This actually calculates the fuel used using the fuelflows multiplied by the time. However due to rounding errors ive seen it drift around 0.5%

I forgot BL7’s prop mod… next time


Sweet. Using this airplane to tour Japan… look forward to trying the update.

And now some repaints are available to enjoy with the DA40 NGX.