DA40-NGX Improvement Mod (v0.10, SEP 30, SuX)

When I click the heading bug it doesn’t track the current heading as it should, don’t know if it’s something to do with the plane or garmin mod

does anyone have a copy of the whole aircraft folder?

perhaps i could add the old 3D models back into the mod to fix the broken PDF and trim wheel


got the old files. will see if i can simply use the old cockpit.

I tried to fix it by updating the mods, and even uninstalling all of them except the DA40 but nothing seems to work.

my mod doesn’t change the model. its the same file

same with me with stock c208, and I dont have anything in community folder

G1000 frame has returned (and the trim indication)

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Tis a link

Hotfix for Asobo’s update


  • Fixed missing PFD frame and missing trim indication
  • The power setting is kept when switching between PropControl and Full FADEC
  • Added windshield defrost (permanently on as the levers are static)

It works!!! thank you!!

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Asobo appear to have made some fundamental changes to the DA40 visual model for no apparent reason.

I now get a strobing effect on the cockpit glass, as some of the reflective textures continually pop in and out, when viewed from outside. More noticable with a bit of cloud.

The changes have also affected the textures, as I am getting getting a bleed though of the decal plate used for the wing tip and tail graphic as you zoom out in external view. Also affects the rego as the top of the X in the registration is missing as you zoom out.

Also the interior textures for the sides and dash top pop in and out as you zoom in and out, but not the seat textures. Seems to be a LOD thing as it goes thorugh a few changes before it disappears. This past screen shot is from the hanger but the same happens in a flight.

I think someone was experiementing with the DA40 model and Asobo’s usual sloppy change control has let it through with the last update. The missing texture in the cockpit is just more evidence of this. I initially noticed this using the DA40X and one of my own repaints. But emptied the community folder and checked again to make sure it was Asobo’s core content that was the problem.


I was about to post about that too, the flickering on the cockpit glass is annoying as hell, it’s unbelievable their skill to ■■■■ up things that were working. Also in the bonanza I get a weird distorted tooltip when looking down to the lights panel, it suddenly flashes like a huge artifact.

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i only put the old interior LOD0 file back in.

perhaps i should have put all of the files back in :confused:

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A definite yes from me.

Found I had a backup copy of the orginal DA40 myself I had used for repaints. Added the external model to the DA40X and all my repaints are now back to normal. Only the strobbing glass problem left now. Must have been a change to MSFS generally rather than the DA40.

Edit - spoke too soon. Fixed the black decals appearing everywhere but added a white rectangle on the top of the left wing. This is visible even on aircraft with white wings. There must be other changes that affect the DA40.

There are 19 textures missing from DA40 in that were in previous versions. Only the last 2 texture files are required to fix the white rectangle problem I encountered when using the old external model. So if you decide to add in the old external model to the DA40NGX, then also add the following textures to the texture folder. Note that some of these textures relate to the internal model, so you should add those anyway. After adding the exterior model, you just have to chuck the textures into the texture folder and add them to the main .json file. No special action required.

Looking at the mess the DA40 is in, I think we must have got a developer’s test plane with the update. Whatever it is, it wasn’t tested before being released.

I hope you’ve reported all of this to ZenDesk.

Still can’t believe that with 40 QA people and a now 4 week release cycle, they can’t spend a half hour checking each aircraft before release.


This particular problem, and lots of others, is caused by some unannounced changes by Asobo in the texturing of aircraft. It looks like they are combining textures into larger single sheets, which would explain the “Missing” texture files. The same thing happened with the 747. They moved at least 4 textures into a single sheet. But didn’t tell anybody they were changing things. So now us repainters are scrambling to figure out exactly what Asobo did. When they could have just included at least a hint of the issue in the release notes.

The funny thing is, they left the _NORM files of the texture files behind. That’s how I was able to figure out which files were in the new texture for the 747.

There are other issues too, and the DA40 may also be affected. They screwed up the Registration decal on at least the Savage Cub and the VL-3. Perhaps on other planes. So, if you use the Panel.cfg hack to remove the registration on the outside, but still allow it to be used on the interior and for ATC, you have to change the
texture=$RegistrationNumber to texture=RegistrationNumber
Or the background of the Registration decal will be solid white on the outside of the fuselage, like it is for parked AI aircraft.

This isn’t true for all planes, for instance, the C172 and C152 are unaffected by the issue. Not that I understand the fix. It just is what it is. Maybe somebody with a WASM programming background can explain the change?

Hi @MrTommymxr

I’ve just landed after my first flight with your mod and I’m absolutely amazed! Finally this airplane is flyable and how well you made it, thanks a LOT!!

I noticed two things you might or might not be aware of so I wanted to tell you but using it with the latest WT G1000 mod it might not be up to you but maybe up to them? No idea :smiley:

  • The fuel transfer: The fuel actually drains correctly from the left tank only but the fuel gauge shows fuel decreasing equally in both tanks. This makes fuel transfer quite difficult, obviously.

  • FADEC: I’m using the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle quadrant and using the FADEC option it only uses the “upper half” of the mixture axis. The sim normally uses the axis correctly over the full travel.

Is there any chance for you to fix these things?

Cheers and thank you a lot for this mod. =)

Asobob stuffed up a few things in with the DA40. The cockpit and external visual problems can be fixed by using the old model files. But using the old models neither improves the glass strobing nor makes it worse.

Have been doing a bit of investigation and I think the strobing of the cockpit glass in external view is being caused by the DA40 NGX. Using MSFS default DA40 the strobing is only visible if you zoom in as far as you can. Then disappears if you zoom out even a tiny bit, so may have always been present. With the DA40 NGX installed the glass strobing is present at any zoom. The strobing is not related to the fix for the missing PFD instrument surround fix, as got the same strobing effect when I reinstalled version 6.4 of the NGX. Isn’t related to the lighting effects, as removing them saw no change to the glass strobing. Finally I removed the DA40_cockpit.xml file from the NGX and the glass strobing effects disappeared. So I am guessing that there is some small part of the cockpit.xml that needs to be updated to match the default aircraft.


DA40 NGX ver added the cockpit models from the pre DA40 to fix the missing surround for the PFD. But only the LOD00 files were added. Adding the remaining LOD01 and LOD04 files to the NGX cured the cockpit glass strobing without the need to modify the DA40_cockpit.xml.


I am having trouble with the DA40-NGX autopilot and altitude.
Can someone please tell me what is the correct sequence to input a level (eg 8000ft) with the ALT knob.
Then how to get the aircraft to climb and maintain the level?
Then how to input a lower level and have the aircraft descend to and maintain that level.
When I input a new level then click AP and ALT, the aircraft just levels out at its current level.
Thanks in advance…