DA40-NGX Improvement Mod (v0.8.6, JAN 10)

Yeah, I don’t think the DA40 has a vacuum pump. Also the standby instruments are electric with their own battery.

I downloaded the newest versions of both your DA mods and am confused.

Is it still neccessary to use F2+F3 to set the power? The possibility to change between FADEC and non-FADEC seems to have been removed?

yeah ive removed it. yet its kinda back on the 62? :thinking:

Thanks for replying so quickly :slight_smile:

I had used a previous version already and the mods are great, but do I still set power with F2+F3 is my most important question. ^^

ah ok, you used the “Full FADEC”?

im doing this differently now. I will see if i can make it work with the F keys, but i doubt

I think so.

But this time I am just drag and dropping the folders into my installation. Actually I just want to work it with my throttle. Sorry if I seem obtuse, but there is no info in the readme regarding how the FADEC works now.

because i removed it ive removed the file.
i think its on 0.6. the files are still up on nexus. not sure though.

Documentation is not my strong suit


So does the FADEC work with the throttle axis or do I have to compensate for altitude?

Short answer! :rofl:

you have to compensate manually

If you look at the experimental version of the 62 that i uploaded, you can switch mid flight between using the throttle axis and the mixture axis

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Some romantic night lighting for you and your… right hand :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone know know if the rate of fuel transfer between the right and left tanks when the fuel transfer switch is controllable with a mod ?

I don’t think there’s any issue with the rate in the DA-40 NG but the TDi rate appears way too low so I’m wondering if it’s potentially something that can be altered by overriding a config file ?

v0.6.3 gamers


  • Changes behaviour of “ALTITUDE ERROR” CAS message
  • Improved accuracy of GAL used
  • Redone External and Cockpit lighting: Added quad strobe*
  • Backend code cleanup
  • ATC should call you by the correct callsign now
  • Fuel temperature red starts at -30, not -25
  • Added Experimental Mixture control Full FADEC (see PDF)

*Ive noticed that it can look like the strobes are inconsistent, well thats because they are. Because of the low framerates that we get in this game. Shifting or skipping a frame is massive difference and its easy for the brain to pickup on that.


0.03978 Gal/s

Thats what’s in the NG flightmodel.cfg

Brilliant, thanks for getting back to me with that.

I think the manual says 60 USgal/hr. So 1 gal/min = .0166666 gal/sec.

Pages 4A-28 and 29
There is an auto shut off when tank is empty. You as the pilot need to make sure no more than a 9 gal difference between left and right tanks.

How do you use this mod? I tried to drop it into the Community folder but didn’t see it when I loaded into the menu. Does it show up as another aircraft, a livery, or you just choose the DA40NG in game and it loads this up?

hmm. :thinking:

double check the folder structure.

I see it now. Thanks. Not sure what I did wrong earlier.

i tested today the new update.
it works fine …
but the

  • Added Experimental Mixture control Full FADEC (see PDF)
    doesnt work.( i read the pdf also !
    when i activate, the fadec, the power goes up full power and goes crazy
    i have not a physic. prop axis, on my controll input (joystick)
    i have a clean setup
    best regards.