DA40-NGX Improvement Mod (v0.8.6, JAN 10)

Yup thats what I have been doing but I was just asking the guys who have actually flown whether that was a realistic SOP or just a MSFS workaround in the G1000 to avoid the nose dipping when activating VS (without being able to set the fpm prior to activation). In addition to this I also set heading (runway) and activate heading (with the master AP off) so that when I engage the AP it is immediately on heading hold and VS at the press of one joystick button.

I guess the workaround for now, when one wants to switch from PIT to VS without shaking the passengers too much, is :

  • select target altitude
  • switch AC off
  • select VS mode, use up/down buttons to select what your actual VS is
  • switch AC on
  • use up/down buttons to select your target VS

Which is silly complicated for such a basic move.

The da40 doesnt show up in my sim when I have the mod installed, also it crashes the sim when I load it from the dev menu, anyone have that?

Did I break something?

Working for me - v0.6 engines.cfg dated Nov 2 2020 9:21 Eastern.

its weird, i put 0.6 back in, and have swapped my updated files back in and it works, makes no sense

some kind of cache issue?

maybe something decided to corrupt it self

Hello I have experience frozen conditions with v0.6 under autopilot. the aircraft finally can’t maintain the altitude so I started a descent to 5000 feets and recover a positive temperature wich result in deicing the aircraft. Unfortunately the Autopilot can’t be engaged anymore as it seems it try to compensate for a while the angle of attack to maintain the altitude at FL110 and can’t be reinitialized from that state. Any one experienced the same ? is it limited to this mod, this aircraft or all msfs aircrafts ? I haven’t tested more than this wonderfull mod yet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.

V0.6.1 is live (but not on google drive)


  • Smooth animations on the engine and system indications
  • Fuel temperature is now simulated*
  • New volumetric lights from uwajimaya :slight_smile:
  • engine fuel pressure CAS has returned**

*In the first 30 seconds the fuel will take the temperature of the air (as you change the weather or it loads in) after that the fuel will slowly heat up and cool down.

**engine produces fuel pressure even when stationary to “simulate” the dual fuel pumps of the real plane

Im not gonna upload stuff on drive and only once more on Nexus. Just to streamline everything


Ive been hearing about people not being able to turn on their autopilot, and ive never had that before.

No idea why this happens. seems to be a global problem

If people care. I will be streaming tonight at around 21z.

Feel free to stop by and ask qustions :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks I have dropped a message in the bug category to investigate.

The AP reaction when you basically run out of trim, as in the situation you described is not the mod. This happens in the default aircraft as well.
I have not found a way to fully reset the AP in that situation other than land. Then exit to the Welcome screen and make a new flight from where you landed.

I tried just shutting down all avionics in flight, even did a full restart in flight…nope same thing as soon as the AP is turned on again even with a nicely trimmed aircraft at programmed altitude…right back to full nose up trim.

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OK, thanks for your feedback.

This latest version (0.6.1) doesn’t seem to show up on update 6 of MSFS (1.10.11), but the previous version ( with “prop_control” does. At least the “X” is missing from the image and behavior is different so there’s no way to tell whether the mod is loaded.

Same issue with the DA62.

The latest versions have the red X (DA40) and red smiley face (DA62) removed. The picture now has a gray triangle in the lower part of the picture. You can always pick as the description should be DA40 NGX and DA62X, as opposed to the standard DA40 NG and DA62 of the MSFS standard aircraft. Lastly in flight just pull back the throttles to 50% and the rpms will also reduce on the DA40 NGX and DA62X whereas the MSFS standard aircraft won’t drop thier revs with a throttle change.

Got it… I think it’s working then. The RPM response is just different than the version (smoother).

Also just checked the std DA40 NG and the rpms do reduce with throttle reduction, so this is not a reliable indication of having the DA40 NGX installed. Its only the std DA62 that holds the rpms on throttle reduction. In flight a more realiable indication of using the X versions is the white power and rpm readouts. Std MSFS uses green numerals on both.

first of all, thank you very much for the great job you’re doing. I’m a flight instructor with several hundreds hours on the DA40-NG.

In order to improve the fidelity of the mod it could be interesting to implement the logic of flaps indicator. This logic is described in the AFM page 7-5. Here’s the description of this logic :
Flap Position Indicator:
The current flap position is indicated by means of three lights beside the flap selector
When the upper light (green) is illuminated, the flaps are in the cruise position (UP);
when the center light (white) is illuminated, the flaps are in take-off position (T/O);
when the lower light (white) is illuminated, the flaps are in landing position (LDG).
When two lights are illuminated simultaneously, the flaps are between the two indicated
positions. This is the case only when the flaps are traveling.

Sincerely yours.