DA40NG : How to change map orientation

I would like to change the default track-up to north-up

I can’t find it is in the map options

Anybody any ideas?

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On the MFD, click on the “menu” button, hit “ent”, hit “ent” again, rotate large FMS rotary dial to set what you want, hit “push crcr” to exit.

This does not work for me.

I press menu, it brings up the options page but they are all greyed out

It’s probably very relevant to state if you have any G1000 mods installed.

Do you know which one of these G1000 versions you’re using?

  • stock game version (no mods)
  • Working Title G1000 mod in the Community folder
  • Working Title G1000 NXi mod from the Marketplace

Offhand I don’t know the exact directions for each, but they may differ in what’s implemented.

Note that the G1000 NXi is an “early access” preview and is incomplete.

I uninstall the NXi mod. No it works!

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Unfortunately at this point the NXi is missing a huge disclaimer that if you install it and face any issues, you should uninstall it.
It’s just a preview (a really nice one!) but people want to use it as their daily driver which it can’t live up to yet.

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