Da62 Bug & Discomfort

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  1. When flying the Da62, DefaultATC does not command me to climb above 4000-5000ft. The Da62 should be able to be commanded to climb up to 20000ft.
  2. On the final approach with the Da62, the nose is too high even at 105 kias. At a moderate final approach speed of 95-99 kias, the nose is too high and very uncomfortable for me.

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Default ATC has several well-known issues. I always fly VFR, so I never have to deal with them much.

If you’re on a PC and fly the DA62, the DA62X mod is pretty much mandatory. The author claims performance is pretty much by the book’s numbers, and it adds several other features. Be sure to read the documentation.

The Da62 Improvement mod has one serious bug.
There is an unknown power drop with an alarm sound, so it crashes.
I also really want to use it, but I’ve decided to give it up.

Check the documentation. There’s a configurator batch file that will step you through enabling or disabling things like state saving and failures. I have mine set like a stock plane and I’ve never had an issue like what you describe.

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