DA62 G1000 pfd mfd issues


Forgive me if this has already been discussed but I can’t seem to find it anywhere… I really want to use FS2020 but I’m losing faith quickly.

I have finally installed and got fs2020 up and running after a multitude of issues.

I am a real world commercial pilot and use flightsims to keep my skills fresh. Lately I have been using xplane 11 and wanted to make the switch to fs2020. I have been really excited to make the switch. I use a full Saitech pro flight yoke, multi engine throttle, rudder pedals, switch panel, and autopilot peripheral setup.

I set up my first IFR flight from CYXX to CYYJ and back to simulate my real world IPC on a DA42.

Using the DA62 in game is a close replication of my real world experience. I fired up the flight and started going through all my preflight checklists. When I get to the part where I turn on the electric master the pfd should turn on but it doesn’t. The soft keys are illuminated but the screen is off. Further when I engage the avionics master to see if that fixes it the screens come on however they are reversed!!

My pfd display is shown on the mfd screen in front of the copilot seat and the pfd display is stuck on the G1000 starting splash screen. This is completely backwards. Also the pfd should come on with a combination of the pfd and mfd displays as soon as the electric master is turned on. The buttons on the pfd manipulate what happens on the mfd and the mfd buttons don’t work at all.

Is there a fix to this? Is this even a known issue?

If not I’ll be going back to xplane so I can get some practice in until there is. So far I’m absolutely disappointed with how buggy and unusable FS2020 has been for me. I’ve spent uncounted hours just trying to get it operational and I have run into nothing but problems. This makes for a great game if that’s all you want to do with it. As for a true to life flightsim however it’s falling far short of my expectations. I was going to invest in the G1000 setup from realism gear but if this won’t even work in the virtual cockpit I’m wasting my time.

Any help with this would be appreciated! Again I really want to use fs2020 as my training platform but I need a reason to. So far I just don’t have it.



I just discovered that this issue is linked to the test pilot livery version of the DA62. The default livery seems to work.

FYI, as of Jul 9, 2022, this is still an issue.

I have the same issue ,and also in mid flight the PFD disappears completely? very frustrating.