DA62 Load vs Power

Load indications with the freeware Garmin1000 Nxi installed are incorrect.

Throttle position of 78% shows 100% load. Further increases of throttle position lead to an increase in fuel flow and power, load remains at 100%. Therefore load is overstated and out of synch with actual load.

Load needs to be synched with throttle position.

Fuel flow vs throttle position seems accurate. 5.5gal/side at 75%.

Unfortunatley this problem has been around with the default DA62 for some time now. Asobo show no signs of fixing this any time soon. I recomend you use the DA62X mod which doesn’t have this problem.

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I don’t think that’s on Xbox unfortunately, but thanks for also acknowledging this issue.

I actually looked at that because I’m looking for a better Da62 experience. The download page indicates it actually needs other mods to work but it looked like these have yet to be updated since SU5?

Throttle position is not load (power)

use this site https://flightsim.to/ for found latest updated version of almost all free addons, mentioned da62x included

I use it without other mods and it works fine.

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Hi all. I have a few hundred hours on the DA62 and more on the da42 both NG and “classic”.
Would like to contribute some improvements to the MSFS model if possible, specifically mostly relating to engine handling / indications. One glaring error: turning off an engine with the master switch does not make it feather (above minimum feathering RPM).
Can’t seem to create a new topic.
Please PM me if you would like more info.