DA62 oxygen & De-ice control via sim connect

It seems the De-ice Max mode and oxygen on/off control cannot be operated with events or variables. Additionally I can’t find a variable that indicates the oxygen pressure.

Anyone had any success with any of these things using external (sim connect) events or variables.

Maybe this person MobiFlight will know the answer.

There’s a thread here where he talks about the API and it’s functions, or lack thereof at this moment in time.

That doesn’t help. That’s about improving the general state of communicating with the sim.

Yeah, sry to hear that.
However, I was thinking more along the lines of asking him. He seems to be have more than a modicum of knowledge in the coding dept.

Just to update this thread.

There is a solution for the device that was incorporated into the DA62 mod a little while back. Nothing for oxygen AFAIK.