DA62 PFD Not Visible Since SU8

I do not see the PFD on the DA62 since SU8 was introduced. I deleted the DA62 folder and allowed MSFS2020 to re-install it, in case it was corrupted, but no change.

Can anyone else confirm this, please?

If you’re on a PC, rename or move your Community folder, and make sure that if you’re using the G1000NXi that it’s up to date in the Content Manager.

I was flying it earlier today and had both the PFD and MDF. I have the G1000 NXi.

if you have the DA62 community improvement mod, that likely needs an update.

I do not have the DA62 community improvement mod; the aircraft is the default version for me. Plus, I was using the G1000NXi version 0.10.1, available on the MS Marketplace before SU8 installed.

I will verify, however, if the mod is up to date. For some odd reason, MSFS2020 starts OK, but the Content Manager is unavailable at the moment. I’ll report back when I have access again.


It turns out the latest version of UWA’s Light Mod Pack (1.18) was causing the issue.

Thank you to everyone who helped.

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That’s an odd conflict. I would not have expected that.

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