DA62X Improvement Mod (SU5, v0.5.0.1,Sep 04)

I enjoy flying the DA62X. Many thanks for all the hard work.

Awesome, thanks Tommy!

As Always, awesome job and very grateful for your dedication to update frequently yours mods!

I have no FADEC! Is there anything special that could be the cause?

Have you done a fresh install of the mod?

Yes! And maybe this is related: WASM: ERR_FATAL_FILE_ERROR (-239 / ffffff11)

If you have used the tool " Kinetic Assistant" with a version prior to 0.7, it places a file “SimConnect.cfg” in the “Documents” folder (under C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents). This interferes with Mods that implement FADEC (automatic control of power/prop/mixture). You have to remove this file.

Newer versions of the “Kinetic Assistant” should not have this problem afaik (but you still have to remove the file manually if you ever used an older version).

I do not have “Kinetic Assistant” or “SimConnect.cfg” and have the same problem with Airbus H135 Helicopter!

Hey guys, am I correct in saying that the two engine bug has been fixed in the update?

What “two engine bug”? I’ve been flying the DA62X for a while and I haven’t noticed any bugs.

It’s a known bug (or at least it was if it was fixed with the update?) where two engined props in MSFS were underpowered. Including the DA62, but not limited to it

How can it be fixed if it didn’t exist for me before the lastest update? I never heard of this bug and never noticed a problem. Perhaps it was an issue with some other mod?

it has been fixed with the latest patch

Yes indeed, this is the one I was talking about. So it does seem to be fixed. Great news!

Where you able to find the problem?

No, unfortunately not!

Hmmm,.All I can really recommend is that you check your community folder, remove everything if needed.
Check your my documents folder if something has been placed there.

If it doesnt work with my mod, then it probably doesnt work with the H135 and CJ4.

If you find the problem please say so.

Your comment about H135 and CJ4 is correct they do not work either! I will get in touch if I find a solution.

On the H135 we had had some users who are unable to fly it due to the WASM error encounted with the FADEC. Unfortunately nothing tried made any difference. Appears to be limited to just a few people.